“Buttery, moist and perfectly French”

This is a big Wow TJ product. I would even say it’s another of TJ’s so good you can’t stop eating it, products. SLICED FRENCH BRIOCHE bread is a big hit for Trader Joe’s, it’s a best seller year round and not for nothing. Almost anytime I go to TJ’s if I glance around the check- out line at customer’s carts, it’s almost a sure thing to see a few packages.

Sliced French Brioche is one of TJ’s most popular items. It is very soft, yellow and eggy, and slightly sweet. It comes in thick slices, about 1/2 inch thick. This French brioche is the real McCoy. It is imported and Made In France. 

Brioche (and Challah) are rich yeasted breads made with eggs and butter, yellow from the egg. This super soft bread is delicious as-is untoasted. Spread with some softened (French) butter or softened cream cheese. It makes great sandwiches. It is yummy, soft and delicious un-toasted but of course is equally wonderful TOASTED to a perfect golden brown, which may be the most delicious toast you will ever have. TIP: The Brioche can go from Perfect Golden Brown toast to Burnt toast in a few seconds, so keep a sharp eye on it as you toast it!

RECIPES? Wonderful Cinnamon Toast – Toast up some brioche. Put on good butter, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and some palm sugar. Yum!

FRENCH TOAST – Brioche as you may have read online naturally makes THE most amazing French Toast. You must try this next time you want French toast*. It will be moist and delicious and heavenly… A breakfast your family will beg you to make again and again. Its so soft you should ideally leave the bread out overnight to get a bit stale to hold up better but even if you don’t, and use it fresh, its great.

A package of TJ French Brioche is $3.99. Now in a local bakery, a brioche bread like this would be maybe $7? So for 4 bucks it’s as usual a great good TJ deal. One of these can get devoured easily, so I guess thats why I see folks buying it often two bags at a time. I keep it in the freezer, of course. It defrosts rapidly and stays super fresh frozen. TIP: If you want a thin slice of brioche you can cut it more easily frozen when its a bit stiff. Its easier to cut in half, though it’s a little tricky for perfect slices, and be careful of course. If cut in half you get a very thin slice. I find this good for some things, especially if you don’t want a super thick sandwich. For example cucumber sandwiches !  This brioche bread makes the most amazing cucumber sandwiches! Or make open face Scandinavian style things with this (salmon, cream cheese, dill, lemon….)

One note – be sure to peel off the little strip of paper it is baked in before eating !

One more thing – I saw a restaurant serving hamburgers on some brioche that looked very much like this. So I tried it. I made the hamburgers (1/4 lb) kind of square and not round. Toasted the Brioche. Cut in half before serving. Excellent (if a bit messy!)


  • Need a recipe for French Toast? This is a nice one

TJ recipe for Raspberry Ricotta Toast with sliced brioche

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  4. Meridith Goodrow
    Jun 02, 2021 @ 16:39:00

    Love the sliced brioche bread, but I wish they would NOT have the paper on each slice,
    Or at least slice it THEN put back in the paper . Very odd.



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