TJ’s TORTELLINI with pesto filling (dried pasta)


Trader Joe’s “Italian Tortellini with Pesto Filling” (in the pasta section)

I tried these Trader Joe’s “Authentic Italian” Tortellini with Pesto Filling pasta. I was quite disappointed it’s very mediocre. Think about it. Is there really some way to take a fresh stuffed pasta, dry it out, then have the filling return to the way it was before? Nope, and this proves it. Another thing the pasta here and its dried filling basically need different cooking times. When you cook this according to the directions the pasta is overcooked while the filling seems to need another few minutes to be done. The package states cook 18 minutes. 18 minutes? That’s a really long time to cook pasta. Taste-wise, its really meh and I basically detected no taste of pesto. Fresh basil and dried basil are completely different animals, fresh basil leaves being extremely fragrant while dried basil has much less flavor (this is made with dried basil even to start with). I don’t find these tortellini worth the $2.99 they go for, which is more than most of the dried pasta TJ sells. I would not buy them again. Honestly Trader Joe’s carries so many other excellent pasta’s that you will do better with. If you buy almost any pasta (I recommend the Organic Artisan ones) plus a $3 jar of TJ’s green or red pesto, you will come out with something far superior to this stuff and just as easy to make. If you really want a stuffed pasta, try some of the fresh ravioli in the refrigerated section. Some of those are pretty good. Or buy some frozen ones. But dried? E IMPOSSIBILE COSI. In this case, I can only imaging the Italians having a good laugh making this for export only. They would never eat it in a million years.

Ingredients (filling): Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs (!?!), sunflower oil, water, dried basil, garlic powder. It says Product of Italy.

UPDATE: Today I saw a sign on these – “Will be Discontinued soon” and to stock up if you wish. (Me, I’ll pass but I will pick up a few of the decent Italian packaged Gnocchi)

Good riddance I say.


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  1. Carl Lange
    Mar 28, 2022 @ 17:27:14

    You keep discontinuing items we like: dog food, which it took many attempts with other products which made our dog sick, before we found a suitable replacement, and now Italian Tortellini with pesto filling. What is your problem–can you not get these things from vendors, or are your buyers stupid in deciding to discontinue items? I WOULD APPRECIATE A REPLY!



  2. Kathie Seibert
    Apr 08, 2022 @ 12:14:16

    I wish you would reconsider carrying the TJ’s Italian Pesto filled tortellini
    It was the best. For the past several years we have purchased this product on a regular bases. We really, really miss it. I have to drive an hour to find a Trader Joe’s market. However being able to get the products other stores do not carry, make the trip worthwhile. Please bring back the Italian tortellini! Thank you.



  3. Emma
    Jun 06, 2022 @ 09:00:14

    I am searching for TJ’s shelf stable Pesto filled Tortellini. I wish I had known to stock up on it as it is a favorite of my grand boys. Is it sold under another brand and/or distributor?



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