(Product of Norway, farm raised)

Each 1 lb package contains 4 portions of skin-on boneless farmed Atlantic salmon from Norway, frozen perfectly.

DEFROSTING: The best method would be to do the overnight thaw in the fridge. In a pinch however you could do the quick thaw method written on the package but try to think ahead if you can. If you don’t use the whole package just seal it up with the built in air lock for your freezer, squeezing out excess air.

COOKING : I tried the quick brine technique of giving the defrosted salmon fillets a 30 minute soak in salted water. I liked the results (see link for full info at The Kitchn)

After drying off the salmon, I gave it seasoning on both sides with a nice sprinkle of AJIKA which will give great color as well as flavor (in my case as they were brined, no more salt added). I cooked the fillets using the pan fry method in a cast iron pan (or use a non stick pan) with a mix of oil and butter for about 5 minutes on the skin side till the skin looked crispy. Flipped, then cooked them about 2 minutes or so on the other side. I hate dried out salmon or any fish. Don’t overcook fish. Cook it just till it’s no longer translucent and flakes easily. You can always put it back for 30 seconds more if they need it.

If you want some sauce on it I think TJ’s tzaziki sauce would be very good with it, or greek yogurt mixed with lemon, or whatever your favorite sauce is. Just butter and lemon juice is even great. Fresh dill is wonderful with salmon.

I plated the salmon up with lemon and butter, and served it with a side of TJ’s Harvest Grain Blend (shown) which is really good BTW. The salmon was really tasty, if a bit mild of course as this is farmed. Wild salmon, which I adore, is usually about double the price of this. Trader Joe’s sells this for $8.99 for a 1 lb package (a bit little over $2 a portion). For the price I think this salmon is quite tasty and a good value. I find this way superior to Costco’s version.

So giving this a thumb’s up for value and quality. INGREDIENTS: Atlantic Salmon (no added salt) Protein = 23 grams! EAT FISH

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