Trader Joe’s sells these frozen hash brown shredded potato patties. They are pretty good. I see a lot of people buying them. Maybe because they kind of resemble MacDonald’s potato patties? Basically these consist of three ingredients, potatoes, oil and salt. You can bake them as suggested on the package. A toaster oven will work for that too. It doesnt say this but you can make them on the stove in a pan, which is what I did. I added a tiny bit of oil to a non-stick pan and cooked them on low until the first side was golden brown, then flipped them, about 15-20 minutes in total. I would say you want these as crispy as possible. Now I don’t have an Air Fryer but I’ve seen other people report you can cook these in and Air Fryer and they work well getting nice and crispy without adding more oil.

The patties were pretty tasty, especially with the fried egg I had them with. I gave them a good dusting of black pepper and that improved them too. I can see you using these at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Things they match well with include ketchup, eggs, bacon, sour cream, or of course pretty much anything that would go well with potatoes. There are 10 patties in a package which now goes for $2.29. Trader Joe’s also sells frozen shredded hash brown potatoes in a bag, that is not in patty form just loose, the way you would normally make hash browns. Those would be good for adding things in during cooking such as some chopped onions and peppers, so also useful.

Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried CHICKEN TREATS for Cats and Dogs


One ingredient, Chicken. A protein packed treat for dogs or cats.

Dogs and cats will love these. I mean they will rip your arms off to get them. At least mine do. Now at six bucks a bag, these are not cheap however it is because its really “super concentrated” chicken, pure little pieces of freeze dried chicken breast. Maybe these two ounces of freeze dried chicken started off as a pound of chicken before they freeze dried it which removed all the water? Texture like styrofoam. Light as a feather. So one or two treats should suffice (thats what you say, human). Guest Review? My two cats went absolutely bonkers for these, I just opened the bag and they ran into the kitchen from the other side of the house. How they could smell them I have no idea but clearly if you’re a dog or a cat you will smell them and go insane. These treats can also be used to put on top of food if your pet is refusing to eat for any reason (changed food brand or recipe, lack of appetite, illness…). In that case, you can just smush up these little pieces between your fingers and sprinkle the powder on top of the food.

Trader Joe's Freeze-Dried Just Chicken for Pets

The other good, and much cheaper, treat Trader Joe’s sells is the DRIED SALMON SKIN. They however are messier and smellier to deal with but at $1.99 a bag a good bargain and a healthy treat for cats and dogs (they are labeled “for dogs” but cats can eat too and love them, they are just salmon skin)

Seen at Trader Joe’s: DRACAENA Plants for sale

Very healthy looking robust plants, $15


I was pretty impressed with these new sausages, called UNEXPECTED CHEDDAR CHICKEN SAUSAGE.

They are the bomb: we are talking very juicy and very flavorful. The overall flavor of these sausages is terrific. FYI, they didn’t drip or ooze out cheese, if that’s what you are are expecting. I guess it melts in and gives them a lot of flavor and obviously juiciness. We both really enjoyed these when we ate them for dinner cooked up with sautéed veggies.

These can be served in so many ways. I grilled the sausages in a pan on the stove. I made sautéed vegetables (potatoes, onions, peppers and some cabbage) with them and the combination was quite good together, a bit German in style? We ate this along with TJ’s MARBLE RYE and DIJON MUSTARD and some of TJ’s excellent SAUERKRAUT. These sausages are already fully cooked however browning them up is a must IMO. I just learned you should not prick sausages as we’ve been taught to do, they stay juicier if you don’t. OK one of them burst a tiny bit but it was fine.

Ingredients include chicken, cheese, caramelized onions and red bell peppers. Personally I like the snap of the natural (pork) casing. One sausage has only 160 calories, and while they are not low in sodium, they are not super high either, these sausages have a bit less sodium compared to TJ’s Andouille Chicken Sausages.

I think these CHEDDAR CHICKEN SAUSAGES are a terrific addition to all the other chicken sausages that Trader Joe’s carries. In fact for me, these are so impressive I’d say these go right to the top of my list of all of TJ’s chicken sausages.

I would buy them again. These are $4.49 a package (12 oz)

Seen at Trader Joe’s: RUBBER PLANTS (Ficus Elastica) for sale

As the owner of a by-now very spindly 20 yr old rubber plant, I was pretty impressed at how robust and thick these Ficus Elasticas at Trader Joe’s were. They’re beautiful. $12.99

(PS the next day I didnt see any. Sold out?)

Seen at Trader Joe’s: CREME FRAICHE

New at Trader Joe’s: Creme Fraiche is kind of the French version of sour cream. However its a bit different, and better that sour cream as it has more butterfat and is tangier. This is the first time I’ve seen it at Trader Joe’s. This is a welcome addition to the dairy stuff.

A 7.5 oz container is $3.99.

Seen at Trader Joe’s: French Cultured Butter back on the shelf !

TJ’s FRENCH BUTTER was M.I.A. for some time and not on the shelves. I saw it back on the shelf today (NYC, 72 St TJ’s). Seeing it made my day. TJ’s French Cultured Butter is beloved by thousands of Trader Joe’s shoppers. Many readers wrote in to the Comments, that the butter had been Discontinued. So hopefully seeing it now means its not Discontinued and there has been a supply problem. I have a feeling TJ’s has been having serious supply side issues like every other store, and perhaps especially now with their international products which are probably even more tricky to source. Still I find it a bit odd they didn’t put back the sign for the French butter ? fingers crossed its back for good. Please let us know in Comments if it comes back in your store, with location.

Seen at Trader Joe’s: Fresh HATCH CHILE PEPPERS

SEASONAL ITEM: Fresh HATCH CHILE peppers from New Mexico. These pepper have almost a cult following! These are seasonal items I remember seeing once before a few years ago at Trader Joe’s, pre-Covid here in NYC. If you want to try these grab them asap, as they are not around for very long. Roast them on the grill or under the broiler to bring out the flavor. Other times of year you can get them dried in the jar at TJ’s as Hatch Chile Flakes. The sign has a mistake and says they are from “Mexico” nope, the Hatch valley is in New Mexico !

Trader Joe’s KALAMATA Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($5!)

Great price on a good extra virgin olive oil from Greece, single origin, Kalatmata olives. I really like the attractively designed tin it comes in too. “Bright and grassy in flavor with a light bitter finish”. I like it’s taste. 16.9 oz. $4.99? Super!

Seen at Trader Joe’s: OLIVE TREE Plants For Sale!

Olive Trees?!? Yes….wow, cool. For $13 it’s yours. Need to make up with someone? You could give them an olive branch!

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