TJ’s AJIKA Georgian Spice Seasoning Blend

“Spicy, garlicky & deeply aromatic & savory”



Wow is this good! Its my new favorite spice! Another delicious find I recently discovered in my TJ’s NEW PRODUCTS section. Frankly I had never heard of Ajika before seeing this. Googling it you learn Ajika is actually not a dry spice blend but more of a dip so one can assume this TJ spice seasoning blend is a dry seasoning based on the typical Georgian-Abkhaz (formerly USSR) condiment. Anyway this Ajika seasoning is just pretty amazing and a terrific addition to all of their “international spice blends” that TJ’s seems very good at coming up with.

The Ajika Georgian Seasoning Blend contains ground red chili peppers (not a super hot variety), ground coriander, fenugreek, dried garlic, marigold (marigold?! yes the flower dried and ground up!) plus a little salt. Garlicky, (mildly) spicy it is more flavorful spicy than hot spicy. The coriander and fenugreek are stand out delicious flavorings that are not typical for our (American) palates. Honestly the combination of all of these spices together is seriously delicious, I couldn’t stop sprinkling it on so many foods, to see what it would do to them. It tastes quite unique to my taste buds. Is it the Fenugreek? Is it the marigold (which by the way I learn is very typical of Georgian Abkhaz cuisine).

It’s a combination of all of these things. I had made some sautéed yellow peppers and zucchini cooked in olive oil so then I put a good amount of this Ajika spice blend into it. It added wonderful flavor to the grilled veggies. I also sprinkled Ajika on top of a bagel with tomato and cream cheese and again it added great flavors. I tried in on cottage cheese, so boring right? Not with a good amount of Ajika, boring no more they went perfectly together.

Its so good you begin to wonder, what is this NOT good on? I put it on grilled boneless chicken breasts, and yes its an excellent seasoning for chicken…. or pork or steak or fish. Try this Ajika blend sprinkled on eggs or in an omelet. Try also on : Fish, shrimp, turkey, chicken, steak, hamburger, or grilled tofu for that matter. A turkey burger with a good amount of this spice is flavorful and not boring. I think it would be good with SO many things. Grilled vegetables and EVOO plus this are great. This was made for tomatoes which the original has. Mix some of this up with greek yogurt for a lovely easy sauce. You can go nuts with this. I know I am. The internet apparently is going crazy for this too. I was Wowed upon first tasting this. Yes its so good as people are saying. On a 1-10 level of heat I would put this at maybe 4, So barely spicy, very tolerable, especially mixed with foods.

If you see Ajika grab a jar to try. It may be seasonal or TJ simply testing the waters for interest. If you try this you may love it as much as I am loving it (along with the whole internet) and if you come up with some interesting ideas and/or uses for it, or some recipes, please post it in the Comments section. Oh BTW the word “Ajika” may come from the Abkhaz word for salt.

Aha Wikipedia states: “A dry form of ajika exists that is sometimes called svanuri marili in Georgian”

$1.99 a jar. Wow.


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  12. Chef Rick Porter
    Feb 28, 2023 @ 12:25:09

    TJ’s AJIKA is seriously mic drop good! Frank popularized “I put that $hi+ on EVERYTHING!” well move over Frank. This is the new duct tape! works on everything we’ve tried it on from eggs to steamed and raw veggies. We use this as a blend for bloody Marys, in our bacon cure, pork roasts/chops, steaks, poultry fish and ridiculous on spuds. Used along with salt on some bakers skins and in the butter, love you black pepper but wth! Speaking of butter, brushed on grilled shrimp, in scampi, and even corn on the cob & lobster butter, off the chain! Try in in your next fish batter or as part of the dry phase. Grilled veggies?, fuget about it. Made a cuke and avocado salad, Bam! Your new chili, guac and salsas secret? shhhhh! And of course Italian red sauces. Seriously very versatile and tasty. Been a pantry staple for some time now. You know the boat advice about buy your 2nd or 3rd boat 1st?, well always buy 2-3 of these you won’t want to run out.

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