If you are a fan of one of the best wine shop’s New York City had (Trader Joe’s on East 14th Street) you will be very shocked and saddened by this news. The wine shop is HISTORY.

Trader Joe’s sole New York WINE STORE, next to a regular Trader Joe’s on 14th Street near 3rd Avenue. This was my favorite wine shop in NYC. Great curated selections, great prices. Nice knowledgeable staff. They say they are looking for a “better location”? (I hope the next location might be the Upper West Side) There is very old New York “blue law” that states a company like Trader Joe’s can only have ONE store in the state. So this was the only TJ’s Wine Store in the whole state of New York.

Why so suddenly?

Reddit thread said it was issues with NYU who owns the building it’s in which is a dorm and having liquor so close by. One reader said they heard it closed because the workers were talking of unionizing.

This is a petition by workers from the store who state the reason for the sudden closure as “union busting”.



Seen at Trader Joe’s: French Cultured Butter (but not for long…)

(July 29, 2022) Trader Joes’s great FRENCH CULTURED BUTTER was M.I.A. on the shelves for some time recently. Today I saw it back on the shelf (at NYC, 72 St TJ’s). Seeing it made my day. TJ’s French Cultured Butter is beloved by probably thousands of devoted Trader Joe’s shoppers. Many readers wrote in to the Comments, that the butter had been Discontinued.

I do have a feeling TJ’s has been having serious supply side and pricing issues like every other store, and perhaps especially now with their international products which are probably even more tricky to source. So while I am happy to see some on the shelves here, I find it a bit troubling they didn’t bother to put out a sign for the French butter. So fingers crossed its back, and will stay for good. Please let us know in Comments if it comes back in your local TJ’s and location.

The Irish Kerrygold butter has been in steady supply on the shelves, and that is also a good premium butter. It may be the only one TJ’s stocks eventually.

UPDATE: Aug 2022 – The French butter appearance seems to have been temporary; Its a Cat and Mouse game. It was all gone for awhile. Then a few weeks later I saw the French butter on the shelf still with no signs for it, so its a bit of a mystery and maybe they just can’t get it in a steady supply. To Be Continued folks….

Update: Sept 2022 (its been hit or miss, lately miss. Not on shelf today. I think they’ve just been putting all the stock out as it lasts until it’s exhausted?)

Update: Oct. 2022 – Well, the French Butter seems now totally gone from the shelves along with the Kiwi butter (double sigh)

In the imported premium butter category TJs offers one now – Kerrygold Irish Butter. Which is good. Still I liked the French Cultured butter so much. C’est la vie, mes amis!

Uncrystallized CANDIED GINGER – Its Baa-aack!!



This is a package of Trader Joe’s ‘Uncrystallized CANDIED GINGER’.

Its back!

Yes, its true. This now almost mythical TJ product is finally back in stock after being MIA and off the shelf at Trader Joe’s for more than one year! 

Possibly due to some labeling issue (I heard some manager mention sulfites), possible due to supply issues, this was off the shelves at Trader Joe’s for a long long time. I mean over a year!  Seems they’ve solved whatever the issue was because its back on the shelf. And the label on the back has only two things on it, ginger and sugar. Pretty natural product.

So I can finally get my fix for this (very) spicy adult candy. (Now should I buy a case?)

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Thanks to one of my readers, Nancy who first sent the alert about this!