Trader Joe’s Apple Cider DONUTS (seasonal)

If you like donuts, you will like these old fashioned donuts. Trader Joe’s has these as Fall Seasonal items. These are really tasty. Now personally I would not call myself a real donut person as I do try to eat healthy. I maybe eat about 2 donuts a year. Still, tasting these I could not resist them. I just ate two with some coffee – my Bustelo Cafe Con Leche – I have to say the combination of thes with coffee was heavenly. These are “old fashioned” cake style donuts with sugar and cinnamon. They kind of remind me of the old fashioned donuts I used to get in the 80’s back at Chock Full of Nuts (Google it kids, kind of the original Starbucks back in the day) They’re seasonal items so if you really like them, grab two and freeze them. They are $4 for 6


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