TJ’s Belgian thin Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Bars

These are simply incredible, a must try for chocoholics. They are spectacularly delicious chocolate bars made with Belgian dark chocolate with a liquid-y center of yummy salted caramel. They come in a pack of 3 individually wrapped bars of 25gm each for $1.99. Imported from Belgium. SUPER WOW

Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Donuts

If you like donuts, you will like these old fashioned donuts. Trader Joe’s has these as Seasonal items during the Fall. These are really tasty. Now personally I would not call myself a donut person. I try to “eat healthy” and I don’t need all the calories. I bet I heat about 2 donuts a year.

Tasting these I could not resist them. I just ate two and with some coffee – my Bustelo Cafe Con Leche – I have to say they were heavenly . These are “old fashioned” cake style donuts, with sugar and a hint of cinnamon. They kind of remind me of the old fashioned donuts I used to get in the 80’s back at Chock Full of Nuts (Google it kids, kind of the original Starbucks back in the day)

They’re seasonal items so if you really like them, grab two and freeze them. They are $4 for 6

TJ’s CRISPY COOKIES with Belgian chocolate

Trader Joe’s CRISPY COOKIES filled with Belgian chocolate


There are my new favorite cookies. They are just delicious, and frankly very addictive. I can tell you the whole box went quite fast chez nous ! Well, they are small and there are only 18 in a box. Though TJ’s CRISPY COOKIES cookies don’t have butter listed in the ingredients they taste very good and are delicious due to the fact they are so loaded with a thick layer of nice Belgian chocolate in the middle. The outside cookie complements the chocolate well and as you can see, the chocolate layer is as thick as the cookie. These cost $2.49 a box. I may have to buy 2 boxes at a time in future.

And hide one for myself!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are one of the best products TJ sells. These chocolate goodies frequently show up on “Best Things At Trader Joe’s” lists, and for good reason, they’re fantastic, not too mention dangerously addictive. I think of these as “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups For GrownUps”. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Reese’s cups on occasion but not like these peanut butter cups, because, let’s face it, these things are FAR, far better quality. These are the “adult” version of Reese’s. For one, these have better chocolate (and its real chocolate, the dark kind! Everyone knows Dark is the only chocolate if you are a real chocolate lover (count me in). These have better peanut butter stuff inside too. These cups are irresistible. I have an internal fight all the time, after eating one… “Umm, so good. I just need one more…” (I usually can stop at 2 or 3….or god help me, 4) But its not easy, they are that delicious. Sometimes you need a treat. Especially these days?

A one pound tub is $4.29. Would I buy them again? Just try and stop me!


These are simply all natural, strips of chicken breast that have been dried. They are sold as Dog Treats. Now I don’t have a dog. But I have 2 cats. They love chicken. I thought I am going to get a pack of these “dog treats” and see if my cats like them. Did I say “see if they like them?” Who are we kidding? When I opened the package up, they could smell it instantly and went nuts, pawing at me to give it to them. Relax, I don’t give my cats a whole strip, first I break one into smaller pieces, easy to do as they have score marks on them. When I give these to my cats and they go crazy…chewing, chewing, chewing….crunching them up till they are gone as they devour these treats. Who says, “these are just for dogs”! Equality, people! Cat rights!!

One of my adopted cats came with some dental issues. I have been taking good care of his teeth and gums since I got him. A (holistic) Vet told me the act of chewing is the best thing for his teeth and gums. She suggested I give him raw organic chicken with tiny bones, and especially chicken necks as chewing up the chicken necks are really good for his teeth and gums, yes crunching up the little bones and all. So I buy chicken necks but also give these dried strips which is very good chewing exercise. I break a strip into a long piece and hold it so my Siamese cat Aspen can gnaw and really get into chewing it, switching sides of the mouth. Just watch your fingers, as he gets carried away whenever I break these out. Your cat will love these I’m sure.

Of course your dog will too!

Summary: Great product. All natural. $4 a package. Whether you have a dog, or cats like me, your pet will love these treats. If you give to your cat, just break up a piece into smaller pieces for them, and watch them carefully as they eat these.

DOGGY TASTE TEST : I gave these treats to my neighbor’s dog, and Blue loved it of course. So I’m saying these are good treats whether you have a dog or a cat! Equal Opportunity treats.


Bench & Field, Holistic Natural Feline Cat Treats

Bench & Field Holistic Natural Cat Treats

I can tell you I buy these treats for my two cats regularly. I have to have them in the house at all times. Both my two cats go bonkers for them.

The photo with the crazed Siamese cat who is acting as my “guest reviewer” is my Siamese cat, ‘Aspen’, in the middle of a taste teste. I think you can you tell they get his 100% seal of approval. It was impossible for me to get a clear photo, as he kept tugging my hand holding the treat with his massive (polydactyl) paws.


These treats are sold under their own brandname, “Bench & Field” a natural pet food company who’ve been in business quite some time. They are labeled “HOLISTIC NATURAL FELINE TREATS with Added Vitamins and Minerals.”

They’re shaped like a little fish, and fish (anchovy and sardine) is the first ingredient, with a bunch of other natural ingredients. sells them for $6 a jar. TJ’s sells them for half of that, $3 a jar! TradeJoe’s makes cash deals with vendors to lock in a good price. I’m pretty sure your cats will enjoy these treats, especially if they like fishy things like sardines and tuna. My cats are crazy about these treats.

More info can be found at Bench and Field’s own site:

UPDATE SUMMER 2020 – Reported MIA by many Readers here. I asked my store’s Captain if they were discontinued afraid they were… but she said they were just on BackOrder & Out Of Stock awaiting more production. Likely caused by Covid. The Trader Joe’s Cat Treats ($2) they are carrying for the time being are not even close. First ingredient is Potato Flour (!?!) 

UPDATE – FALL 2020 – The treats were finally back in stock at my Trader Joe’s !! My cats are ecstatic.