Here’s a TJ’s product that is easy, tasty and healthy: HARVEST GRAIN BLEND. A healthy blend of beans and grains. Ingredients include: pearled couscous (ie, Israeli couscous), orzo pasta, split baby garbanzo beans and quinoa. I have found this makes an easy, fast and super tasty side dish, instead of say rice, which is ready in only about 10 minutes. While it makes a great side dish as shown here with some broiled salmon, you could also plate it up as the “base” and put the fish on top – or whatever your main is: meat, chicken, tofu or some other protein or main dish. Another idea is using this as the base of a protein bowl with your choice of protein on top. You can make it with just water or even better with some broth which of course will make it even more flavorful. Just simmer this covered for 10 minutes, and Done! So really easy and it’s quite tasty. You could even toss in some veggies too if you like, maybe add frozen peas, or carrots or the mixed frozen veggies? All good. A 16 oz bag now goes for $2.99. This is well worth trying. I buy it all the time. Easy, healthy, real food.

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  2. pquinn
    May 09, 2022 @ 13:09:00

    Is the Harvest Blend discontinued? I haven’t been able to get it in weeks at 2 different stores



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