Trader Joe’s GARLIC SPREAD (with recipe hack)

If you really love garlic then you will love this TJ’s intense garlic spread as much as I do. I found this stuff amazingly delicious, It can be thought of both as a spread and also an ingredient too! I found it’s great to add in cooking.

Quite a few food culture’s have some type of garlic spread. In Lebanese cooking, they have the garlic spread, “Toum“. In Greece, they have “Skordalia made from garlic, olive oil and potato. The South of France has the yummy yellow garlicky mayonnaise called “Aioli“. Trader Joe’s version is basically a Lebanese Toum spread. An emulsified paste of garlic, oil, lemon juice and salt, traditionally made in a mortar and pestle. I’m sure any Lebanese cook would use olive oil in it but here Trader Joe’s has used (cheaper) canola oil. They did not skimp on garlic though! TJ’s GARLIC SPREAD is so garlicky it’s not funny. Garlic lovers will want to try this on everything.

Need some Ideas? To start with just try this spread on thin slices of toasted baguettes, which will be match well with salads, like a crouton or garlic bread. This stuff is especially good for pasta dishes. Just toss in a spoonful into your finished pasta, especially tomato pasta (PESTO ROSSO? Add some of this to jazz it up!) Use this instead of butter for cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. Put a little into your tuna or egg salad. Eggs, try some in an Omelet for some kick. Salmon or other fish, for sure. Put some into your mashed potatoes to jazz them up! Almost any vegetable dish will be enhanced with a spoon or two of this (vegag) garlic spread, so it’s ideal for vegans and vegetarians and us non-vegetarians. It was amazing on the CHICKEN SHAWARMA. Greek yogurt plus this is a easy great sauce. Here’s a recipe I came up with using spinach which is really tasty.

FROZEN SPINACH HACK RECIPE – Just two ingredients, frozen spinach and garlic spread. Rinse frozen spinach in colander till its mostly defrosted. Shake or squeeze out most of the excess water. Cook the spinach up in a pan with and add in a nice heaping tablespoon (or more) of the Garlic Spread (optional: toss in a bit of butter). Mix well. A few shakes of Black Pepper…. and DONE! You have an easy great tasting spinach side dish in about 2 minutes.

Almost any vegetable dish will be enhanced with a spoon or two of this VEGAN spread, so it’s ideal for vegans and vegetarians to give a enormous flavor boost to most things. One thing to remember, it does have calories like a mayonaisse. 2 Tbls have about 150 calories.

Its $2.99.

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