Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cocoa Marshmallows


In the New Products section.

My neighbor bought these and when I was visiting her recently she invited me to try one. I asked her, are they good? Just try one, she said, see what you think. So I did and basically spit it out almost instantly. My neighbor said, “Aren’t these a terrible? I love marshmallows. So I bought these thinking they could be good but I find them just horrible and wanted to see what you think.” I concurred with her yes these are horrible, way overly sweet and just a gross combination of flavors. Four of us tasted these and we all said the same thing, disgusting. These are a huge mistake Trader Joe’s, and I’m worried that you took some good product off the shelf to make room for this crappy product. I told my neighbor bring ’em back and get yourself a refund, they’re a waste of money.

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