NEW ITEM “Italian-Style Wedding Soup. Meatballs, Vegetables and Acini de Pepe pasta in a Rich Chicken Broth“. Sounded interesting to me (though I can’t recall the last time I went to an Italian wedding!) In reality this sounds better than it tastes. A hint may be that Trader Joe’s seems to be hedging by saying “ItalianStyle Wedding Soup” instead of just “Italian Wedding Soup”. It had a good amount of things in it. Pasta, veggies, and little meatballs which are tiny and cute however they had barely any flavor. The soup had lots of nice veggies including greens – kale – in large pieces which I especially liked. My main issue however with this soup is the broth. On the label, they advertise this as a “rich chicken broth” but I’m afraid that is far from the truth. The broth is in reality pretty weak and watery. If this actually had a strong rich golden chicken bone broth this might actually be pretty good. But alas, it’s not rich, it’s poor. I even tried fixing this up by adding things to help it, like a slug of good olive oil, a handful of grated Parmigiano, and fresh garlic all of which did improve the flavor and made it taste OK and way less boring. If you get this, definitely add those. Still what it really needs yet lacks is a strong rich chicken broth so perhaps if you mixed this with a good strong chicken broth (preferably homemade) plus the other things I mentioned you will get something like a Wedding Soup. Naturally if you go to the trouble to make an Italian Wedding Soup yourself one day you will get something really tasty. A recipe is below.

I give this a Meh. I would probably not buy this again.

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