TJ’s “Almond Smooth” Non-Dairy Beverage

Recently saw this in the “New Product” section at my local TJ’s in NYC (72 St). Liked the label design and thought I would try it. The label describes this product as, “A smooth and creamy all natural non-dairy beverage made from real almonds”.Sounds similar to soy milk in a sense but this is made from almonds.

I bought the “Vanilla” one (sweetened), as I usually like “vanilla” soy milk too. The packages recommends “serve chilled” so put it in the fridge for a few hours before trying it.

How does it taste? To me, totally delicious! It practically tastes like a milkshake (if it was made with nuts). Its so tasty, I can drink it as is and its my desert, after dinner. In fact its so good its dangerous. I have to stop myself from draining the package. Its really really good over cereal, instead of milk, as they suggest on the box, and I’ve been using it like crazy that way at breakfast time. Way tastier than milk. One thing I’ve yet to try is to use it in pancake batter as the package suggests but I can imagine how good an addition that would be.

Anywhere soy milk would be used, I imagine this can as well. The almond flavor makes it much more yummy than soy milk, as good as that is. I think “raw food” recipes use nuts, and mostly crushed almonds blended with water as a substitute for “milk” or cream, in other words it makes a creamy liquid similar to milk. The package says a cup (8 oz) has 90 calories – which seems to be about the same as regular milk. Cost: 32 Oz (1 Qt) is $1.69. It is marked both “Vegan” and “Gluten Free” (V & G ) If you haven’t tried this yet, grab it and see for yourself. I predict its going to vanish very quickly from your fridge once you taste how delicious it is though.



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