If you are a fan of a traditional English orange marmalade, as I in a big way, then you will probably enjoy Marmalade as much as I did. TJ’s SEVILLE ORANGE MARMALADE is what you would call a proper English marmalade. Yes the label states that this is a “product of Canada” but think about that. Since Canada was once under English rule, clearly one of the decent things the Brits passed on to the Canadians was the How and Whys of making a nice English marmalade, along with this excellent recipe. Because this jar of marmalade is delicious.

Its made from Seville Oranges (aka Bitter Oranges) which are de rigeur for a proper marmalade. Its a thin-cut marmalade, having small bits of chopped peel with a good balance between the Seville orange peel, juice, pectin and sugar, and overall an good balance of the perfect combination of slightly bitter and sweet in a marmalade. Let’s call this jam for the adults. Not sure if kids will like it, but if yours do, consider them to have an “elevated palate”. That could get expensive when they grow up.

From the label: Seville Oranges are the backbone of a proper orange marmalade. The bright high-acid juice and the thick rough skin are transformed when cooked, becoming intense, yet balanced: the perfect topper for toast or scones (well put Trader Joe’s) 


I ate this marmalade for breakfast this morning on a perfectly toasted TJ Classic English Muffin, along with a pat of good Irish Kerrygold butter and a nice dollop of this marmalade, along with my morning cappuccino. Very yummy and delicious and perfect together. All was right with the world, well at least till I finished my muffin. If you are a marmalade fan, this does the trick. A big jar, which is over 1 pound goes for $3.49, another Trader Joe’s great value.


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