Price Increases at Trader Joe’s (June 2021)

Inflation has been in the news a lot recently and I’m really noticing it “in action” in supermarket prices including, or is it especially, at Trader Joe’s. Certainly you have noticed TJ’s prices on many items creeping up all the time? I am getting small sticker shocks now on a shopping run at TJ’s. Then when you hit Checkout and they all add up, a big sticker shock. All those “small” increases add up. I’m sure you are noticing in your food budget not going as far. I sure am. I’ve noticed price increases at TJ’s on so many products. Here are a few:

Ground turkey, which was $2.99 a pound for some time, was now $3.49. Another kind of ground turkey, which was $3.99 a pound, went up to $4.29. A pack of Pita was $1.29 for many years. Now it’s $1.59. Peanut Butter: $1.99 since I can remember…now $2.29. The always great deal on the Pane Italiano bread for 99 cents? Its now $1.29. Isn’t that about a 30% increase on this one item? The inflation rate supposedly in the US is around 5 per cent. So why a 30 per cent increase on this particular item !?!

TJ Peanut Butter – it was $1.99 forever. Then raised to $2.29. Then raised again to $2.49 (price as of aug 2021)

Organic Carrots – were 99 cents forever. Now $1.49 – a 50 per cent increase?! Wow.

We are seeing raises followed by raises in just a few months. So even what seem like “small increases” of 30-50 cents on many items add up by the time we get to the cash register to quite a few dollars. And we had already had some increases during Covid-19 due to shortages and supply chain issues….. As we know unfortunately it’s quite rare once something goes up in price that it ever goes down in price. What if anything can we consumers do? Do we have to just grin and bear it? Unfortunately I don’t have an answer or any magic solutions. All I know is it’s harder for us consumers at an especially bad time for many people. Are companies like Trader Joe’s taking advantage of inflation being in the news so much, and being opportunistic now about raising prices? Anyway I just thought I would put this out there if anyone wants to Comment about price increases at Trader Joe’s.

At least you can vent here, so feel free to do so in the COMMENTS section (please just keep them PG).

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  2. Donna
    Aug 20, 2021 @ 21:32:43

    Prices have gone up a lot & you say ” grin & bear it”. Peoples paycheck have not increased so why should everything else go up? When stores start loosing money because people canmot & will not pay these inflated prices. Big companies again only concerned about how much more they can keep raising prices not thinking of how much more business they will loose.



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  4. Mr
    Aug 24, 2021 @ 21:13:21

    8 oz sunflower seeds $2.29 (was 99c)
    3lb organic potato $3.29 (was 2.49)
    Tortilla Chips – Chili & Lime $2.69 (was 2.49)

    Prices compared to last week.

    32nd street in Manhattan

    They are playing with prices to see if they stick. Some items went up by a lot while others haven’t so i assume on average it went up with inflation which has gone up this year.

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  5. Cheryl Freeman
    Aug 30, 2021 @ 20:58:38

    I understand that prices may have to increase but I REALLY resent the amount that TJ’s have increased! What about $.10 or $.20? Why so darned much!!!

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  6. Some Guy
    Sep 05, 2021 @ 19:47:54

    Their “Just the Clusters” Maple Pecan granola went from $2.99, which it had been for years, to $4.49. That’s a 50% increase.

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  7. Mike
    Sep 24, 2021 @ 19:23:54

    I STOPPED shopping at TJs recently because of the massive greedy price increases. TJ’s is more expensive than Pavillions on many items now. They are actually out pricing WholeFoods.
    You can have it, cause I have had it!
    Try Sprouts, even Ralph’s is more economical.



  8. Mark
    Oct 16, 2021 @ 16:00:29

    Trader Joes “Reduced Guilt” Potato Chips were $1.99/8 oz bag, then they “reduced” the size to 7 oz. Now price is raised to $2.29 for 7 oz bag. And they’re not even good chips, extremely salty.

    I started my exercise & diet regimen 3 months ago and removed chips, crackers, etc. from my diet. So Thank You capitalists Trader Joes. You helped my diet by jacking the price way up. I definitely won’t buy them again.



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