Price Increases at Trader Joe’s (Summer 2021)

Inflation has been in the news and we are seeing it “in action” in supermarket prices including at Trader Joe’s. Have you noticed TJ’s prices recently? Are you getting a bit of sticker shock? I have definitely noticed price increases at TJ’s recently on quite a few products. The other day I noticed that their cheapest ground turkey (which was $2.99 a pound for some time) was now $3.49. Another ground turkey (which was $3.99) was now $4.29. So even small increases of 30-50 cents on many items which had already had some increases during Covid shortages back when it started…

What can we do? Unfortunately nothing, just grin and bear it… Anway I just thought I would put this out there if anyone wants to Comment about price increases. If you do, just leave a Comment below.

Unfortunately it’s quite rare once something goes up, that it ever goes down….