Trader Joe’s caught red-handed SHRINKING SOME ITEMS ! (Shrinkflation / Inflation)

I’ve been hearing a lot about how stores are shrinking some items as opposed to an outright price increase to kind of disguise price increases from us consumers. This is “Shrinkflation”

Look carefully at the sign. The sign says the jar of this (very good!) marinara sauce contains “26 ounces”. If you look at the label on the jar, it says “24 oz“. Clearly a jar of this marinara use to contain 2 more oz. I assume this change was fairly recently since they didn’t have time to change the sign.

Shrinking packages and the amounts in them is one way vendors try to hide a price increase – by giving you less even thought they didn’t raise the price hoping you won’t notice. This is referred to as SHRINKFLATION. Someone clearly goofed up at my TJ’s and forgot to change the sign but no doubt they will soon lest you know what really happened to the missing 2 ounces of sauce!

Have your parents ever said, “I remember when you could make the kids three sandwiches from a can of tuna”? Its true. Cans of tuna are famous for shrinking and shrinking and shrinking over the years….

UPDATE: Another one – a reader reports TJ’s Orange Juice is now 52 oz, less than it used to have.


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  2. geeman
    Jul 30, 2022 @ 16:11:59

    Check out their OJ last i checked it was down to 52oz’s.
    They’ve also have discontinued healthy product line and replaced them unhealthy one’s higher fat, sodium, saturated fats, and artery clogging cholesterol.



  3. Marie
    Sep 16, 2022 @ 11:53:17

    I’ve noticed so much shrinkflation at TJ’s. Their chicken samosa package used to barely fit in my air fryer basket, but now it fits with room to spare. Same number of them, but they’re all smaller. And the calories have decreased on a lot of their single-serve frozen meals… Which might be healthier, haha, but also means there’s less food in them.



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