Who seriously doesn’t know this by now? ARTICLE: “Wait, Trader Joe was real?”

I guess the history of Trader Joe’s founder and marketing genius JOE COULOMBE is still news to some young reporters? Must have been a slow news day at CNN business. See link to article.


Wait, Trader Joe was a real guy?

“New York (CNN Business)Turns out Trader Joe was a real guy, and his shrewd instincts led him to create a counter-culture grocery empire.

Joe Coulombe, a struggling convenience store owner in Los Angeles, decided in 1967 to open a grocery chain to appeal to the small but growing number of well-educated, well-traveled consumers that mainstream supermarkets were ignoring….”

Read the whole article on CNN via the link above

RELATED info about Trader Joe’s founder JOE COULOMBE, who passed away in 2020 https://traderjoesrants.com/2020/03/01/joe-coulombe-founder-and-namesake-of-trader-joes-dies-at-89/


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