On Brand Loyalty

I liked this piece I stumbled upon via Twitter and thought I would re-blog and Share it….

“A Study on Brand Loyalty: What We Can Learn From Trader Joe’s”

by Danielle Hagen


Danielle makes a lot of good interesting points about Trader Joe’s from a Marketing standpoint.  You can read her blog post HERE


(via Spontaneous Truth) Why Trader Joe Should Be My Boyfriend

Why Trader Joe Should Be My Boyfriend Why do guys get mistresses but women don’t get misters? If I could pick any person to have my extramarital affair with, it would be Trader Joe. He’d be my mister for sure. And I’m pretty sure my husband would be a-okay with this, as long as Mr. TJ kept him in good supply of beer and bbq sauce (his two TJ’s staples). Some of my all-time favorite TJ items are as follows: 1. The pizza dough. Have you tried this? It’s so awesome. Fresh dough found in … Read More

via Spontaneous Truth