“Buttery, moist and perfectly French”

Wow. This is one of those, so good you can’t stop eating, products. SLICED FRENCH BRIOCHE bread is a big, big hit at Trader Joe’s, a best seller year round. Almost anytime I go to TJs if I glance around on the check out line at some of the customers carts it’s a sure thing I will see someone with a package (or two) of this bread. Sliced brioche is one of TJ’s most popular items for very good reason, its amazing! Soft and eggy, slightly sweet, it comes in thick slices, about 1/2 inch thick.This Brioche bread is the real thing as in, “Made in France” as it says on the package.

If you know what a real bakery Challah bread tastes like, brioche is similar, both are yeasted breads made with eggs and butter. This bread is delicious as-is untoasted spread with some softened (French) butter. or cream cheese. It is fantastic of course also TOASTED till it is a perfect, delicious golden brown (toast it carefully). . This might be the most delicious toast you will ever have. TIP: Be careful when you toast this bread as it can go from Perfect to Burnt in a few seconds. Keep an eye on it. Toasted brioche with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar: yes, wonderful cinnamon toast

I love it toasted, spread with soft French (or Irish, or New Zealand) butter and served with soft scrambled eggs. It is amazing with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Or any marmalade, or jam or basically anything at all. It makes the best sandwiches in the world. Heaven on a plate. AVOCADO BRIOCHE TOAST?! Oh yeah baby, I had some toasted this morning for breakfast with butter, avocado smashed up with lemon, salt and pepper and Green Dragon hot sauce.

FRENCH TOAST – Brioche as you may have read online naturally makes THE most amazing French Toast. You must try this next time you want French toast*. It will be moist and delicious and heavenly… A breakfast your family will beg you to make again and again. Its so soft you should ideally leave the bread out overnight to get a bit stale to hold up better but even if you don’t, and use it fresh, its great.

A package of the brioche is $4. In a bakery, a brioche bread like this would be at least $7, so for 4 bucks its as usual a real good deal chez Trader Joe’s. A package can be devoured easily, so I guess thats why I see folks buying it in often two at a time. I keep it in the freezer of course. It defrosts rapidly and stays super fresh in the freezer. TIP: If you want a thin slice of this, you can cut it easily a minute or two after you take it out of the freezer, when its still a bit stiff and frozen, its way easier to cut in half frozen (be careful of course.) If cut in half you get a nice thin slice. I find this good for some things, especially if you don’t want a super thick sandwich. Thin, the brioche makes the most amazing cucumber sandwiches! Or make open face Scandinavian style things with this (salmon, cream cheese, dill, lemon….)

One note – be sure to peel the little strip of paper!

A great product!


  • Need a recipe for French Toast? This is a nice one

TJ recipe for Raspberry Ricotta Toast with sliced brioche

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