Trader Joe’s was carrying fresh Salmon Burgers for a while. However I haven’t seen them for some time, and I fear they’re discontinued. TJ’s does also sell frozen Salmon Burgers. Because they have a lot more ingredients listed, I was a bit reluctant to try them. However they were actually a bit better than I expected. I tried cooking them defrosted, which the package says not do. I found out why. They are so soft you can’t easily get them out of the plastic if they’re defrosted, they want to fall apart. So I cooked them again from frozen as recommended. The frozen burger puck was much easier to handle. The results cooking them both ways were actually about the same. I grilled them in a pan and they were pretty tasty. The Sodium level listed is not terribly high which is good. I would buy these again. They’re about $7 a package. Also available: Mahi-mahi burgers and shrimp burgers.

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