This is a Seasonal item that will be in stores for a limited time !

Trader Joe’s is selling these German traditional Marzipan Stollen at the moment (post Thanksgiving / Holiday season). Stollen are a traditional holiday German cake filled with dried fruits and marzipan. These are Made In Germany by “KuchenMeister”, the same brand TJ’s has carried in years past. They are pretty good, loaded with raisins and candied orange and lemon peel and are completly covered with powdered sugar., which looks like snow. So they look nice and Christmas-y. There is a decent amount of soft tastyyellow marzipan in the center of the cake (I cut the end so you don’t see it, as it starts a few slices in). The cake was pretty tasty served with coffee and tea. For $3.99, this is a good buy. I’ve bought them from specialty stores, and they were about $15-20. Of course those were loaded with butter, and this cheaper one is doesn’t list butter which is where they cut some costs. I once bought one for $20 from a special German style bakery and when I tasted it could not help thinking it was not worth 4 times the price of this cheap one, which does have a fair amount of marzipan and lots of dried fruits and frankly for just four bucks it’s not bad especially if you warm it up before serving. If you find these, I’d say try one as they are perfect for the holidays and a nice thing to give friends and neighbors. That is if you can find them, they are only there for a month or two around Thanksgiving/Xmas.

“KuchenMeister MarzipanStollen – A German sweet fruit filled bread that makes a great gift for friends and neighbors

UPDATE 2022: I didn’t see it this year! I guess they could not get it at a good price.


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  1. Marion Loewensgtein
    Dec 17, 2021 @ 19:51:34

    Trader Joe: You have the best stollen around. Can you deliver in Manhattan PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • promacnyc
      Dec 18, 2021 @ 13:39:55

      I’ve been looking for it now at two stores (NYC) and can’t find it (early December). I am sorry I didn’t buy 10 when they had them in stock just after Thanksgiving….



  2. Uschi
    Dec 27, 2021 @ 21:38:09

    Folks, that is the worst Stollen I have ever tasted. It contains neither butter nor eggs, the texture is gummi, the marzipan too soft. Make your own. For a quick recipe without yeast google No-yeast Stollen. It needs no “ripening ” like a traditional Stollen with yeast. Tastes a lot more authentic than the Kuchenmeister concoction!
    Take it from a German who has tasted REAL Dresden Stollen!



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