Trader Joe’s “Southern Greens Blend” Greens For Cooking” Cut, cleaned and Ready To Cook.

I think this is a fairly new product at TJ’s or at least I don’t recall seeing it until recently. It’s good. No, make that terrific. This Yankee boy is really digging on these Southern Greens. TJ’s Southern Greens contains a blend of greens typical in Southern cooking, specifically Mustard, Turnip, Collards and Spinach, prepped and ready to cook with. Similar to TJ’s bags of prepped kale but these are different/better with a little funky spicy, slightly bitter taste I love. There are a few recipes on the back which will give you some ideas. These greens take anywhere from about 10-30 minutes to cook depending on how cooked you like your greens. Now of course you don’t need a use a “recipe”. You could just sauté the greens in some olive oil with some chopped garlic, covered on low-med heat with a touch of liquid (stock or water), season to taste with salt and pepper and cook them for 10-30 minutes to your desired degree of greens “done-ness”. They start bright green and get darker and softer as they cook down. Taste them along the way and see how you like them best. TIP: If you find them a little too bitter for your palate you can toss in a tiny amount of sugar to taste. I don’t! I love the little bitterness from the mustard greens. Frankly I am finding myself throwing some of these greens now into whatever I’m cooking. I recently mixed some raw greens into a pot of Jasmine rice as I was cooking it and that worked really well (cook time was about 16 minutes total). I’m throwing some greens into many things I’m cooking to “green up” the dish.

GREENS IS GOOD! They are HEALTHY, and good for y’all ! Eat more dark green leafy vegetables easily using these Southern Greens. They are $2.99 a 1 lb bag. One thing, use it up pretty fast; cut leafy greens start to go bad fairly quickly; so use it in about 3 days. TIP: I poke a bunch of holes (tip of sharp knife) in bags of greens to let in a little air so they don’t rot quite as fast. These greens need to be used pretty fast before they go bad (3-4 days?)

These can go great on top of some cheesy TJ STONE GROUND GRITS


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  1. Donna
    Dec 04, 2021 @ 20:43:08

    SO good. Love the vegetarian recipe.



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  5. Lisa Morrisette
    Oct 28, 2022 @ 22:10:42

    Love these greens, but I haven’t seen them in the stores for a very long time.



    • promacnyc
      Oct 29, 2022 @ 13:30:40

      Yes unfortunately. Sometimes I think half the items I’ve posted about have bitten the dust! As far as (cooked) greens TJ’s frozen spinach has gone into my frequent rotation and I think won’t ever vanish.



    • D
      Nov 27, 2022 @ 17:13:19

      I also love them and cannot find them any longer. They have been missing for several years. Please bring them back.



      • promacnyc
        Nov 29, 2022 @ 15:05:32

        Haven’t seen it in years? Hmmm. Was out of stock for quite sume time but I recently saw the Southern Greens Blend on the shelves at my TJ’s (Nov 2022, NYC)


  6. promacnyc
    Nov 25, 2022 @ 16:17:33

    November 2022: I see these in the store again.

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