You might describe me as a dumpling fanatic. I’m fortunate to live in a city with a huge Asian population and can get really excellent dumplings. And I do mean excellent. So having said that, while I can’t honestly say these Trader Joe’s mini wontons are as good as some of the great handmade chicken and basil dumplings I can get at a place like Vanessa’s Dumpling House or Shiu Jiao Fu Zhou dumpling house, these are decent little wontons. So if you can’t go buy a big bag of frozen dumplings from Vanessa’s or another Chinese dumpling maker as I do on occasion, these may be the next best thing as they are convenient to get at TJ’s. In fact I usually see a few people grabbing these when I’m at Trader Joe’s, so I know these are popular. On the web, I know there is some hack with these dumplings cooked in TJ’s Miso Ginger broth, which I tried and is pretty good – but for me that broth needs more miso and way more ginger!

These are mini wontons are small, basically one bite each. They’re good either boiled or pan fried. If boiled I like them in a strong chicken broth (preferably homemade) or possibly TJ’s Ginger Miso Broth (I would add miso if you have that) as well as cooked up as pan fried wontons. These will taste much better with a good dumping sauce. For me, that is mandatory. Also the cilantro flavor in the dumplings is weak so I recommend adding a good handful of chopped cilantro just before serving – if you like that, of course. Many people hate the flavor but I love it.

These Mini Wontons are $3.49 for a package (12 oz). I would buy these again.

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