TJ’s Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon

Trader Joe’s Smoked Atlantic Salmon “Pastrami Style” 

When I pick up smoked salmon from TJ’s this is usually the one that I get. Its got a little extra flavor from the spice rub and herbs like dill, but these are not overpowering to the taste of the smoked salmon, the balance is very good as well as the texture of this smoked salmon. For us, this smoked salmon is a pretty affordably priced special treat, at around five and a half bucks. I find this is better than the slightly cheaper plain smoked salmon ($5?).

A SUNDAY BREAKFAST:  this is what I might do with it …. some smoked salmon on a fresh TJ Artisan Bagel with a shmear of cream cheese, a squeeze of fresh lemon and topped with a little arugula and a grind of fresh pepper. This combo is quite yummy, and makes for a special Sunday breakfast chez nous.

A 4 oz package of this smoked salmon costs $5.49 (Dec. 2018). Will give this a mild Rave.


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