TJ’s “Everything but the bagel” Seasoned Smoked Salmon

Is there anyone who would not enjoy smoked salmon on top an everything bagel shmeared with cream cheese? So Trader Joe’s had a decent idea when they decided to combine their wildly successful Everything seasoning and smoked salmon to come up with this great combo as part of the popular “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning blend family.

I found Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel SMOKED SALMON to be quite good. The everything seasonings do not overpower the (cold smoked) Atlantic salmon. They add a nice accent to the mild farm raised salmon which has a nice buttery texture. I tried the salmon two ways. The first was the classic Sunday breakfast, Smoked salmon on a bagel. A spread of cream cheese, a little pickled red onion and a squeeze of lemon, all on a fresh Artisan everything bagel, with a slice of this EBTB Salmon….it was perfect and delicious!

The second way we enjoyed this EBTB smoked salmon was using the salmon in some “Temaki sushi (hand rolls)”. We made sushi rice and ate the rice topped with pieces of smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber nestled in Trader Joe’s seaweed treats for small sushi hand roll bites. This was incredibly tasty and made an easy and super yummy dinner.

$5.49 now $5.99 for a (4 oz) package and yes the four slices inside go quickly! An affordable splurge, this smoked salmon is a decent value and worth trying. FYI at Zabar‘s counter, sliced smoked salmon goes for $50 a pound now!

simple sushi handroll

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