Trader Joe’s AUTHENTIC GREEK FETA in brine

As this authentic Greek feta is made from sheep’s milk it is has a wonderful tangy flavor and aroma with a nice creamy texture and is not overly salty. It comes as two large slabs of cheese covered in brine, which is the way really good feta should be sold, because the liquid keeps the texture of the feta creamy and smooth.

There are a few types of feta cheese made from different milks (cow, goat, sheep) and it’s made in quite a few countries including France, Bulgaria, Israel and of course Greece, perhaps the best of them all though I like all the ones just mentioned for different reasons. TJ has on occasion carried an Israeli feta (it came in plastic bag, I think its changed now).

The box this comes in could be better designed perhaps. I found it tricky to open up this plastic tub until I understood only the very top part is a lid that comes off, once you have broken the waterproof seal, ripping a small plastic tab in one corner of the tub. Open it up carefully on the counter so brine doesn’t fly out everywhere (and by the way don’t throw out the brine – more on this later)

Here’s just a few ideas on what you can do with feta cheese. I mean its delicious just by itself but its so versatile to have in the fridge to use with other things, like….

Greek Salad
Just a slab of this cheese on some salad greens, cukes and tomato and you will have a Greek Salad in minutes. Throw on some olives too if you have them of course. Drizzle some very good Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some lemon juice on. Grind on some fresh black pepper. If you add hard boiled eggs, maybe some drained canned tuna, or cooked chicken. Serve with a some crusty bread. Voila, a complete dinner.

Watermelon and Feta
Cube up some nice sweet watermelon and throw on cubes of the feta. Genius combo. I’ve decided I don’t need olive oil on this, just the two ingredients and a grind of black pepper.

Shakshuka and Feta

TJ’s frozen Shakshuka: add cubes of this feta in as you cook it. Double Yum~

As it is imported from Greece this not as cheap as the small pack of feta cheese TJ carries that $3 for 8 oz. Its good, just not great like this one. This brined feta TJ sell is $6.49 for 10 oz (drained). So figure about $10/lb for a real “Product of Greece” feta. Not cheap but not terrible for the real deal, and this stuff will make your meal or dish, so worth the occasional splurge.

Oh, and remember I said keep that brine? You can actually use it. That milky feta brine actually has flavor. Mellissa Clark in the New York Times put out a great recipe for chicken using brine, plus you can marinate chicken breasts in feta brine for 30-60 minutes;  Bake, broil, pan grill…! They will be SO juicy from the brining.


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