Trader Joe’s ORGANIC PASTA (with Pasta Puttanesca Recipe)


Trader Joe’s has some decent regular pastas (in the blue bags) which are a steal at 99 cents. However for a tiny bit more, you can have a better pasta being the ones labeled “ORGANIC PASTA” (with red lettering) which are a level up. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. These Organic Pastas cost $1.29. They are well worth the slightly higher price because you’re getting a higher quality Italian pasta. Almost “artisanal” as one can see by the rough texture, this pasta was manufactured using “bronze dies” which high quality pasta makers use. Bronze dies make better pasta as they give pasta rough edges which makes for better sauce adherence. Compare these pastas to the blue bags which are smoother. Cheaper pasta’s are extruded with Teflon dies which give them a smoother exterior. Bronze dies are expensive and wear out which is one reason why “good pasta” costs more.

Another indication of the better quality of the TJ “Organic Pasta” the pasta is it is lighter in color, indicating a slower drying time (again, makes for better pasta). TJ’s carry a number of kinds of these organic pastas: spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, radiatore…. All good. The package directions state around 10-11 minutes of cooking time. I do a minute or two less than al dente, then finish cooking the pasta in the sauce as Italians do (they never pour sauce on bare pasta). TIP: Always save some pasta water to add in tablespoons as needed.

So check out TJ’s Organic Pastas as they make terrific dishes. Not that the regular pastas in the blue bags are bad. These just a even better. By the way, TJ’s does sell special ones labeled “Artisanal Organic” pastas. Those may cost around $3 or or less.

Any of these pasta shapes would go great of course with TJ’s CACIO E PEPE sauce – or any other favorite you like. If you want a real authentic Italian sauce, I suggest trying your hand at Pasta Puttanesca. I made it last night and it was fantastic (you can get the Capers, Olives, Anchovies at TJ’s). Watch VINCENZO make it, it’s easy and delicious!


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