Trader Joe’s Imported FRENCH DIJON MUSTARD (@ bargain prices)

Imported From France. One of the best buys at Trader Joe’s has got to be the real French Dijon mustards they sell. A steal at $1.69.

I love both varieties, both the smooth and grainy versions are terrific. I really love the grainy “Whole Grain” Dijon Mustard with whole grains of mustard seed. The two bottles used to be the same price but now the grainy is $1.99, still a bargain. If you learn how to make a basic “vinaigrette” salad dressing you are set for life and will never have to buy salad dressing, you’ll make restaurant quality dressing in 5 minutes. Either of these Dijon mustards will work great for all kinds of food. The regular Dijon has a kick. The grainy one a bit less. Besides being great on their own, you can use either mustard to marinate and/or coat things to grill, for example, chicken breasts, salmon, or meats. Making sandwiches with Dijon will up your game. Steak with Dijon mustard is the French way and goes great together. Cheese? Yes please. These two are absolute staples for your fridge. Mine always has both.


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