I saw this package of Trader Joe’s “BAVARIAN BRATWURST” sausages the other day, and they looked worth trying for review. They were indeed worth trying; These sausages are terrific! This is is an excellent product that I would gladly buy again.

It’s labeled PRODUCT OF GERMANY (a plus) as well as NO NITRATES OR NITRITES – (“uncured”) another plus. Originally for Oktoberfest, theses super tasty sausages are made from pork, water and spices…a really impressive quantity and variety of exotic spices. It’s these well-balanced spices and unique flavor profile which make these sausages quite different from say, the flavor of your typical Italian sausage or typical American “Brat”. The spices include: black pepper, marjoram, nutmeg, mace, ginger, coriander, and cardamon. Reading this spice list sounded to me like Xmas spices, and though this would be nice for some meal around Xmas time (or Oktoberfest!) But of course these are great any time of the year if you see them. The sausages come “fully cooked” so only need browning up till golden brown and delicious quickly. They’re ready in about 8 minutes.

What I did with these was grill them up in a little butter with sautéed potatoes and onions. I served this classic combination with some really nice red cabbage in a jar (from Poland) I had just happened to find in a 99 cents store (!)  The Bratwurst and Potatoes were of course perfect together and and actually became a Christmas Eve dinner along with the red cabbage and nice German beer, and bread, and everything matched up perfectly for a small German-style feast.

But if you want simple these also great just grilled and put on a hot dog bun, brioche bun, or crusty roll or baguette with good mustard and sauerkraut, Classic style. All year, not just at holiday time.

A 12 oz package with 4 decent sized sausages is $3.99 (a buck each). So I’d say this is another pretty good deal from TJ’s and more than worth your trying. When I saw these it was holiday season, and was not sure if this is available all year, or if its seasonal (Update: I just found them in the summer so I think yes carried all year?) If you cooked these on a grill in summertime, it would be a huge hit I would think! You could try them with potatoes as I did or go the Easy route, mustard and sauerkraut.

WHAT GOES WITH THESE?  Pretty obvious… get the excellent sauerkraut Trader Joe’s sells that will go perfectly with these sausages! And Dijon mustard (I would get the Grainy). Or brown if you must. And an ORGANIC BAGUETTE 



A NO-RECIPE RECIPE: Cut up some potatoes and par-boil them for 5-10 minutes in salted water, till just almost tender. Drain them and sauté them with onions till golden brown in olive or veg. oil and a little butter for extra flavor. Make some room in the center of the potatoes and grill up the sausages 4-5 mins a side until GB&D. I slash them slightly. Serve with good mustard. Cold beer would of course not be amiss with these Bavarian Bratwursts.




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  1. Bob Farrell
    Dec 29, 2018 @ 10:45:10

    Brats are best served ‘browned” then given a bath and simmered in beer



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