How about this for a review? Though I am not vegetarian, I buy this all the time. This is a terrific tofu product for anyone. It seems to be one of the more popular products Trader Joe’s sells. I often notice shoppers grabbing 2 or 3 packages, and throwing them in their cart. Sometimes its even sold out. Clearly there is a reason TJ’s BAKED TOFU is this popular. ORGANIC BAKED TOFU is an excellent, tasty, very versatile and healthy food. Its high in protein and an excellent “meat substitute” that one can use this in many ways, for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

BAKED TOFU as the name implies is tofu that’s been backed after being marinated. Baking tofu removes most of the water in it and gives it a very pleasant, firm, and well nicely satisfying “meaty” texture, which is why its great for non-vegetarians as well as vegetarians or vegans. Again, I’m not vegetarian but I buy this all the time because its so good. This can make a very good substitute for a meat protein like say, chicken? In fact this can be used as a “main” protein in many dishes. This is terrific for use in an Asian Stir Fry. It can be eaten on its own as the Main. You can eat this just As-Is, cold or room temp, with a nice sauce or dressing such as their Sweet Chili Sauce or Sriracha Ranch Dressing, or Spicy Peanut Dressing…. or make up your own. As you can see from what I did with it, it can still be cooked (see pic below). I sometimes grill it, which I think improves it’s flavor even more. There are two flavors available, TERIYAKI and SRIRACHA. Though I am a big fan of Sriracha sauce I find the Teriyaki version is my preferred of the two versions they have. So if you are trying this for the first time, I suggest trying the Teriyaki version first, then the other. But honestly both flavors are good, do try both at some point and see which of the two you like best. Perhaps you will always buy one of each kind, as I see many people do!

What I did with it here (pictured below) is just cut it into slices and sautéed it in a non-stick pan with some Toasted Sesame Oil for about 5 minutes a side until it was golden brown. I then added Soy Sauce and a little raw Sugar (the two basic elements of Teriyaki sauce) and a good deal of fresh black pepper and cooked that for a few minutes more until the sauce has cooked in and thickened a bit. Basically I wanted some more Teriyaki flavor and some sauce. Fresh Garlic (and fresh ginger) would be great to add too, of course for even more flavor.

If I had added more soy sauce and sugar and cooked it down, that would have made more Teriyaki sauce. I think thats one good way to make it. This can be served with that sauce on the side or spooned over. You can use almost any sauce, prepared ones at Trader Joe’s such as Teriyaki, Dumpling Sauce, SoyYaki, Sriracha, Green Dragon Sauce, or even Sriracha Ranch Dressing. Serve the tofu along with some rice, a vegetable, and salad and you have a great tasty, healthy, fast, easy dinner.

If that’s too much work for you, you can just open the package up and just slice it into cubes and throw it on top of a bed of arugula, Power Greens, spinach leaves, etc., and drizzle your favorite sauce or dressing on top, maybe add some peanuts or cashews and voila – you have a nice Lunch or Dinner in seconds.

Roughly I would say one 7 oz. package serves about 2 people, if you serve with above other stuff. So get another package if you are 4.

Some readers report just slicing it up thinly and using in sandwiches, as one might use sliced chicken. As the package says “be creative”.  This would be good with the SOBA STIR FRY KIT. You could also use this, or the Sriracha version, as your “main protein” plus veggies with TJ’s very good  THAI CURRY SIMMER SAUCE for a Thai curry. 

In short I find this is great stuff to always keep on hand in the fridge, and I almost always have a package in mine, as it’s already cooked it has a long BEST BY date (about 5-6 weeks) so its not like a meat product.

Some more uses: cut into strips, sprinkled with more seasonings (chili powder and garlic powder), stir fried, then added to lots of veggies in an asian stir fry.

A 7 oz. package has gone up in price now to $3.69 (current price, May 2019, NYC)


NYT no-recipe recipe idea. Soba/Tofu and Kimchi
Here’s what to do: Get some firm tofu; some soba noodles; some jarred kimchi. Make a sauce of minced garlic and ginger, some soy, hoisin or oyster sauces, a splash of raw sugar, honey or maple syrup, another of toasted sesame oil, a some red-pepper flakes, all whisked together. Boil water for the soba. Cut the tofu into manageable pieces, and pat dry with paper towel. Heat a good quantity of neutral oil, like canola, in a big sauté pan, then add the tofu in a single layer and fry it over medium-high heat, turning to get every side. Meanwhile, cook the soba. Remove the crisp tofu and toss with the sauce. Serve in a bowl, the hot soba arranged to one side of the tofu and the kimchi to the other, along with the sauce. Oh, man. You could put some roasted asparagus on top. A soft-boiled egg. It’s so delicious.

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  1. Sumit Jaitely
    Jan 15, 2019 @ 13:34:06

    Tofu is awesome in taste. Keep sharing more great blog post.

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  3. Ttrockwood
    Feb 04, 2019 @ 21:56:27

    This is a regular purchase for me, i like that the teriyaki flavor isn’t overwhelming- i eat slices as is for a snack, add it diced to soups, or most often to my daily lunch salads.
    I just wished TJs carried a smoked tofu!

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    • Tammy
      Sep 14, 2019 @ 23:13:49

      I agree! TJs needs smoked tofu!!

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      • promacnyc
        Sep 27, 2019 @ 11:44:16

        I have used a simple Chinese cooking method for smoking food that might work, should anyone one to try to smoke the tofu. In a wok, place a square of aluminum foil to make a small dish. Put a teaspoon or two of Oolong Tea (leaf) in this. Put a steamer basket or wire rack over this. One the rack, place your food to be smoked in a dish that will fit. Cover with wok cover so its now a closed smoker. Turn on a low heat. The tea will start to smoke. Let it smoke for 5-15 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool without opening the lid. Keep windows open when you do this! It will get smokey in the kitchen. If someone tries this to smoke the tofu, let us know how it turns out.

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  4. Deb
    Feb 18, 2019 @ 22:58:58

    I get the container of Bench and Field cat treats for my friends’ cat and IT’S BECOME THE ONLY TREAT THE CAT WILL EAT.

    Me, I have a Beagle Mix… and she looooves TJ’s beef liver treats ($2.49). Her love for them has prompted me to buy them for friends’ dogs, too.

    Thank you for your product reviews!



  5. Amber
    Apr 22, 2019 @ 12:53:00

    I love the teriyaki marinated tofu. I love to just plop a block on my salad. I am planning to try it in some stir fry noodles/veggies soon. Haven’t tried the sriracha yet, but next time I go I’ll pick some up! Btw, where you do live? It’s $3.69 where I live!



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