I’ve never seen this cheese before at TJ’s and as I’ve previously mentioned, Cheddar is one of my favorite cheeses. I love “smoked” cheeses too, generally and thought this looked worth a try.

Not only is it smoked, it says “With Spring Onion and Chive” and from the picture you may be able to make out the green flecks in the cheese as well as the brown edge which smoked cheeses have.

I liked the taste of this cheese a good deal. Its very interesting and unusual. The two added flavors (smoke and onion) add an entire new dimension of flavors and fit in nicely and are balanced. While pronounced, the added flavors do not overpower the taste of the cheddar. In a traditional English pub, a cheddar cheese along with some pickled onions and bread are an old traditional menu item…A “Ploughman’s Lunch“. So cheese and onion… perfect together.

We tried it on some crusty baguette. Upon tasting this Smoked English Cheddar my wife said, “I think this would be good with some red wine”. She’s smart, it definitely would. “That’s exactly why I bought it”, I said. We’ll test this theory out later tonight.

Update: It was superb with a nice red wine (Malbec)

This Smoked English Cheddar sells for $9/lb. and gets a Recommended and a


(update! – this product may have become unavailable !)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ken
    Feb 15, 2019 @ 23:40:42

    I hate Trader Joe’s for selling this cheese. It was the best cheese I have ever had in my life. I wanted to buy more but they only sold for one month. I tried calling headquarters and they would not tell me who makes the cheese either. So I cannot buy it from Trader Joe’s and they wont tell me where to get it. Boo!! Leaves a negative feeling towards Trader Joe’s.



    • promacnyc
      Feb 24, 2019 @ 15:33:57

      Yeah…! I looked for it recently and couldn’t find it. Seasonal product? I hope so, so we can get some more, someday!



  2. Michael
    Sep 28, 2019 @ 10:02:04

    Yes, I tried it and really liked it also. I was told to call Headquarters and request Trader Joe to stock it. Now if I can only find their website——-



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