“Trader Giotto’s” Low Fat Tuscan Marinara


Ode to yet another discontinued Trader Joe’s product, a classic rant about an excellent TJ product, which they discontinued! Some people thought this was the best marinara sauce on the market. Many were bumbed to learn TJ’s Discontinued their favorite tomato sauce! So why am I writing about this now? Well the other day I happened to be clearing out my pantry and found I had a can of this Marinara way in the back. I opened it and tasted it and was pretty shocked to see how good it was. This marinara is, or should we say was, a terrific sauce. For one thing it’s not super smooth, it’s full of chunks of tomatoes like a homemade sauce you had put together. The current glass jars of Marinara sauce that Trader Joe’s replaced this with are smooth. I made a pasta dish using this Marinara and the dish turned out really well. I made a pizza with it a few days later which also turned out great. So yes, it’s a crime TJ’s got rid of this great and very useful sauce. Mind boggling. So just posting this Rant and sorry you won’t be able to find this really great product anymore . At least TJ’s still sells the 28 oz cans of crushed or diced tomatoes which will make you a great sauce with little effor. I always have cans of tomatoes in the pantry as well as tomato paste (can and/or tube) So if you are inclined to make your own sauce, which is not hard and I think is worth the little effort it takes. Here’s an EASY HOMEMADE MARINARA RECIPE from NatashasKitchen, link below.

TIP (1) IMO adding a tablespoon of tomato paste at the start will make it even better (2) My mom taught me useful advice: Just double up the recipe when you cook some things because for the same amount of effort you will have another meal. You can also freeze the extra batch.

Pizza from scratch; made using this terrific marinara sauce

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  1. briendownes
    Feb 22, 2022 @ 08:30:21

    Totally agree. Loved that sauce. Even loved the can!



  2. Cooking constantly
    Mar 05, 2023 @ 20:13:56

    I’m bummed. It’s really stupid not to provide this product to the public. The reason I’m just “discovering” it’s absence from the shelf is I by case lots. It was a “pandemic” and I cook from scratch…. Ugh. Is there any location that sells this beautiful creation under a different label? I checked out the for marinara at what’s her faces “website”. PLEASE, move on; it’s not even close. I’ve spent years in the kitchen, and yes I can do marinara blindfolded with one arm behind my back…. just move along. Thanks.

    If you have a rebrand for the source, let us know!!!!!!!

    Thank you
    (p.s. not that stupid website posted previously)



  3. Tom
    Mar 20, 2023 @ 00:42:34

    I still think of this sauce from time to time. It was a standout, seriously. One of the best, especially for pizzas. It still makes me angry it was discontinued. We should pass federal legislation that when discontinuing a private label product, it should be mandated that the manufacturer be revealed so someone can bribe them for the recipe. Money talks.

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