This stuff is my new favorite Trader Joe’s coffee! I saw it in the NEW PRODUCTS area. I tried it and found this to be a really excellent coffee It’s Mexican small lot, shade grown, 100% Arabica originating from the mountains of Huatusco, Mexico which seems to be between Vera Cruz and Puebla.

This is a wonderful high quality coffee. I found it made an outstanding cup. Now the package say “medium roast” which I don’t buy, it’s darker than a medium roast. I would say this is just this side of a (light) dark roast (kind of a “French Roast”?) and the beans are even slightly shiny. I’ve found Trader Joe’s descriptions (light, medium, dark) vary wildly from coffee to coffee and are very inconsistent. The Azmari Bunni is actually a medium roast or even a shade lighter. This lovely Mexican coffee is just into a dark roast which actually seems perfect for these beans. The brewing method I did was using a Moka pot but this coffee will work for any kind of brewing method you prefer (drip, pour-over or even an espresso machine) if you like a coffee a little bit on the dark side (like a French Roast). This is a whole bean coffee of course and ideally you will grind up your beans just before brewing. When freshly ground you will get an incredible deep aroma from these beans. It made a rich dark flavorful cup of Joe that I just love. It’s delicious. I find this coffee excellent and would buy it again gladly. In fact I may stock up a bit as these small lot coffees from Trader Joe’s can go bye-bye easily. TJ’s sells this for $9.99 for a 12 oz bag (whole bean. For this quality I’d say that’s not outrageous and a pretty fair price. PS I also experimented mixing this 50/50 with TJ’s BUUNI coffee, which is a medium roast, and together that was also quite excellent as a blend of a medium and darker roast, Middle American, South America and African coffees!

UPDATE (Dec 1 2022) : Sure enough a few weeks after writing this post, I can’t find any more bags of this LA LAJA coffee in either of my two nearby TJ’s (NYC) ! I really hope more comes in… Please leave a COMMENT if you see it in your local TJ’s (with location)

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