Trader Joe’s Liquid Hand Soap (For Kitchen & Bath)

TJ’s sells this liquid hand soap in three different scents or flavors. This one is “Pink Pomelo Grapefruit” and it has a great citrusy grapefruit smell. They have another one and that one says “Lemon Kitchen Hand Soap”. Not sure why only that one would be for the kitchen / hands. Judging by the labels they seem more or less the same to me. My wife however specifically told me to get the Lemon one for her in the kitchen. In fact, when I bought this Pomelo grapefruit one for what I thought would be a nice little variety in our kitchen she looked at me like I was crazy and then told gave me a very clear “No” to the Grapefruit one for the kitchen. Why? It doesn’t say “Kitchen” on the label and the Lemon one does. Now I do see the grapefruit one says it has Jojoba and Argan oils, which I would think would be good for hands, no? The Lemon one doesn’t include these Argan or Jojoba oils, but then what do I know? Anyway all these TJ’s hand soaps are good, make lots of lather, and smell great. These liquid soaps are $3.99 each for a large pump bottle (17 oz.). I would buy it again.

Grapefruit Soap

Lemon (Kitchen) Soap

Trader Joe’s “Super Amazing Reusuable KITCHEN CLOTHS”


We’ve tested these out in our kitchen and are finding them to be pretty useful. They seem to me like those orange “Chamois” cloths you get at a dollar store. But as my “dollar store” has now gone up to being a $1.29 and up store, these Trader Joe’s viscose cloths are convenient to buy and are not out of line price at $2.99 for two cloths in the package (though I wish they were a little bigger). We’re mainly using them for kitchen counters and the like. These cleaning cloths are strong and quite absorbent. They do absorb a lot even when wet. You just wring them out till damp and they absorb a ton of liquid again. These are useful and “eco”, saving some paper towel use. I would buy these again.