Seen at Trader Joe’s: DRACAENA Plants for sale

Very healthy looking robust plants, $15

Trader Joe’s TEA TREE TINGLE Body Wash (hot weather must!)

Trust me, you want this.

This body wash is a must have for hot weather! “Invigorates with Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree botanicals….” It’s the perfect product especially right now for the heat wave that much of the U.S. has been experiencing (July 2022). TJ’s Tea Tree Tingle body wash has tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus and other natural essential plant botanical oils, which make for a really refreshing and invigorating body wash for your shower. It smells terrific. It was so refreshing sponging up with this after a really hot summer day in NYC where the thermometer hit 95 today. This stuff was a lifesaver.

Also, I’ve found its great to add a little when I am washing out my gym clothes!

Certified Organic. Trader Joe’s sells this for just $3.99, a wow price and its a huge 16 oz bottle to boot.

I would buy this again.

Trader Joe’s Shea Butter and Coconut Oil HAIR MASK

Trader Joe’s Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I find this to be an terrific conditioner for your hair. Well, Trader Joe’s calls this a “mask”. I call it an intensive conditioner, that really works to make your hair softer and silkier.It has a lovely smell as well. If you read the ingredients listed one can see it has a lot of moisturizing oils and other ingredients. These include coconut oil, shea butter oil, mulberry leaf extract, vitamin E, argan oil, coconut extract, açai extract, sunflower seed extract, and vitamin B5. You just put it on and leave it in for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse. I even sometimes put a tiny dab of it on my wet (curly) hair after getting out of the shower like a hair dressing. I would call this a premium product but it doesn’t have a premium price, due to it’s own brand label and no marketing. Its a super reasonable $3.99 for the 5 oz tube. A real bargain. If you try this stuff I bet you will find it works well and thank me (a guy no less) for the tip!

Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Coconut BODY OIL

Gentle, light and aromatic. Moisturizes skin without being greasy”

Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Coconut Body Oil with Almond and Jojoba Oils

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lemongrass Oil

First off, the aroma… This has the most WONDERFUL herbal aroma from the lemongrass. Someone asked me (a guy) “what is that fragrance you’re wearing?”. Ha! The oil itself is SUPER light, not greasy, and easily absorbs into the skin. This can even be used on your hair as well. I find it is great for keeping my curly hair, curly. This is an amazing product for a super price. 4.8 oz bottle, $3.99


TJ’s Savon De France Oatmeal Exfoliant FRENCH SOAP BAR



This is a nice fancy French soap with a subtle natural fragrance, nothing overpowering or fake-y. The bar is huge, and I do mean huge, it’s over a half pound! I was even thinking about cutting it in half but I figure it will just wear down to size on it’s own. It’s not melting fast on me though, like a lot of fancy soaps do. It makes a very rich sudsy lather. Nothing too scratchy either, as far as “exfoliant bar”, just a few nubbins you can see of oatmeal, but they don’t scratch your skin. $2.99 for 8.8 oz (249 gr)

TJ’s Roasted Whole Golden Flax Seeds

(UPDATE: Since posting this, unfortunately TJ’s DISCONTINUED this product. They replaced it with ground flax seed meal – Bummer!)

plus, someone recommended these:

Trader Joe’s Roasted Golden Flax Seeds (whole seeds) – “Naturally rich in Omega-3, Lignans and Dietary Fiber”

You may know that flax seeds are probably one of the healthiest things you can eat. We’re talking Super Food healthy ! For one thing flax seeds are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids and are high in protein and fiber. Heart health: studies have shown just by eating 2 tablespoons of flax seeds a day, they can lower blood pressure 10-20 points. Personally every day I eat 2 spoons of flax seeds, which I grind up and mix with yogurt and/or soy milk in my breakfast cereal. I add some chia seeds to boot! You can also put theses in your smoothies.

Up to now I bought flax seeds (raw) in Bulk at a health food store. Then I saw these Roasted Flax Seeds at Trader Joe’s. After trying them I decided these are better tasting than the other ones. Why? Roasting them definitely improves the flavor of flax seeds making them more nutier tasting and crunchier.

You can either eat them whole or grind them up (coffee grinder or morter and pestle). You can sprinkle flax seeds on your morning cereal, put them into baked goods and sneak them into foods like baked goods as well as add them to your smoothies.

$2.99 / 15 oz bag



Trader Joe’s Ginger Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream ($4.99)

The package caught my eye. Catchy design. “Ginger? Hand cream?” That’s an interesting combination. I bought some for for my wife, a big hand cream user, to try. I asked her opinion of it….

“Fantastic product”

I put some on and sure enough, it smells great with a really nice clean ginger smell from “ginger root extract” (ZINGIBER OFFICINALE). It’s got a few recognizable ingredients (to me) the first two being shea butter and coconut oil. Personally what got my attention originally is the clean simply graphic design which is brave as they went with a text wraparound on the box with only half of “Ginger” hanging off the top of the box in a long narrow San Serif type. Notice how your brain just completes the word?

I’m going with my wife’s 2 word review, a “fantastic product” (and she’s tough so that’s a double RAVE) a reasonable price, smells great, and works great to moisturize your skin. What’s not to like? At a big name beauty shop this would cost double the price. Another good health and beauty product from Trader Joe’s. Worth trying.


TJ’s Tea Tree Hand Wash Soap

(post written at the start of the Corona Virus pandemic)

Clearly these are trying times. So I have to say its nice to find something that seems to help during these times, and this soap actually helps, well me at least. Whenever I wash my hands with this soap,  which is often, the most lovely odor of tea tree oil hits my nose a second later, and I just find the aroma very comforting, and very calming. Seriously – This stuff is helping my mental state in some small way. Aromatherapy perhaps? And should I add I’m a straight male!? Seriously folks, this Tea Tree hand wash soap has the most amazing aroma. It’s a kind of “medicinal” smell, in a good way, that is wonderful and comforting every time you use it. Using this heavenly soap will no doubt make you feel slightly better and more relaxed as soon as that tea tree oil smell hits your nose. Plus the Aloe and oils in the hand wash will keep your hands from drying out from all the hand washing we’re doing! Tea tree oil has its own antibacterial properties. The soap is a “Product of New Zealand”, and that sounds good to me too. Label says “Cleanse and invigorates the senses” – it really does. The whole bathroom smells good after you washed up with this.

Seriously if you can find this in your Trader Joe’s, be sure to grab yourself a bottle (but just one please, leave one for the next person) It cost about $4.50 a bottle, and mine is seeming to last quite a while as a little squirt of this liquid soap goes a long way.

It says for hands but I have used it on my face too, as well as in the shower. Just be sure to dilute it a lot as tea tree oil can sting if you have very sensitive skin.


Trader Joe’s KEFIR




Kefir is cultured, fermented milk. Think “drinkable yogurt”. Kefir is quite the rage in the natural health community and in social media. Why? Well, Kefir is extremely high in probiotics. Even more than yogurt. So it is considered beneficial for health and digestion and especially for Gut Health, a huge new topic of interest in medical research currently. The origins of Kefir are probably the mountainous regions dividing Europe and Asia and it has been around a LONG time (thousands of years)!

Kefir is similar to yogurt however it’s unique and different. For one thing it has more probiotics than yogurt and more varieties. Look at the label listing Live Active Cultures. You may notice there are a LOT more kinds than are typically in yogurt, which usually lists 3-5 kinds of bacteria. “12 active cultures“. I recognized about the first three Lactobacillus kinds (L. = Lactobacillus). I don’t recognize many of the others off the top of my head. So there are more kinds of bacteria in kefir than in yogurt, so much more diverse probiotics going into your gut. Kefir is also supposed to be better tolerated by those who are lactose intolerant ? I can’t speak to this if true or not? Anyone?


I wanted to try TJ’s Kefir for a while so bought the Mango flavor to test out. I found the TJ’s Whole Milk KEFIR to be really good and really tasty. In fact, Kefir is yummy. I understand that plain kefir is really sour. The Mango version is sweetened with natural cane sugar. Still I found the mango not at all overly sweet, you still get some tangy sourness. They also carry a Strawberry* flavor kefir which I would buy next time as I would like to try that flavor also. (UPDATE: I tried the Strawberry and it was also good). I haven’t tried the Plain yet, it might be too tart for me. If you didn’t grow up drinking plain Kefir, I am told it might take you some getting used to as being quite tart? The Mango whole milk kefir drink was thick, almost a smoothie (update: it’s not as thick as it used to be; they have changed it !)

Kefir is great to make Smoothies. My TJ’s even has a “SMOOTHIES SECTION” with all kinds of ingredients gathered in the same area.

BASIC KEFIR SMOOTHIE RECIPE: In a blender, try 1 cup Kefir, 1 cup of ice, one banana (it could be frozen), a 1/2 cup of some fresh or frozen berries, a tablespoon of chia seeds and/or flax seeds and a maybe a drizzle of honey. Blend. Make 2 1/2 cups plus.

I’ve been using the kefir also pouring some over my morning bowl of oatmeal or cereal. Also to make OVERNIGHT OATS. It’s great on fruit. Even kids might like the Mango and Strawberry kefir. So kefir is both super healthy and tasty. If you like yogurt, this is something well worth trying. There is also a Plain Kefir (unsweetened) if you are inclined to try it “au natural” (very tart I hear). TJ’s even sells one made from Goat’s Milk (!) The Mango one is rich as it’s made with whole milk. The regular and fruit Kefir’s come in a 32 oz bottle selling for $2.99.

UPDATE: I now tried the Strawberry* Kefir and realized it is LOW FAT. The MANGO version is WHOLE MILK. Whole milk is 4% and the low fat milk is 1-2%. So go for the strawberry kefir if you want lower fat/calories.

A little warning: If you never tried it, perhaps I would not drink a full glass the first time. Try a few ounces for a few days at most. A little will go a long way till your body gets used to all that extra probiotic bacteria, lest it work its magic too well maybe, if you know what I mean !

Nutrition (per 1 cup): (MANGO Whole Milk Kefir) = 180 Cal. & 4.5 g of sat. fat VS 160 Cal. and 1.5 g sat. fat for STRAWBERRY Low Fat Kefir which interestingly also seems to have 1 more gram of Protein per cup serving? Plain Kefir= 100 cals (1 cup) So if you want to save a few calories get the STRAWBERRY Low Fat Kefir or PLAIN Low Fat Kefir (though the Mango is very tasty!) Honestly, I can’t see anyone drinking it a whole cup at a time straight though of any variety straight, this is a small glass thing, or mix with some ice and a dash of water….

Is KEFIR worth buying? Definitely! Your personal biome may thank you.

(update fall 2019: many, many bottles later! The whole milk mango kefir is definitely not as thick as when I first reviewed it here. Other readers have stated the same thing. TJ’s changed it so it is thinner now, as it used to be really, really thick. My gut feeling (ha!) tells me people may have complained the kefir was too thick so they changed it and made it a bit thinner. I have found product changes at TJ’s again and again. I wonder do they get feedback and make changes based on customer feedback?

THANK YOU TO THE READER WHO LET US KNOW : LIFEWAY IS THE MAKER OF THE TRADER JOE’S KEFIR (Lifeway is sold at health stores for example) I have no doubt this is cheaper than buying it elsewhere.

Has anyone tried Plain Kefir version? Is it that tart? Please tell us below in Comments. And if you are so inclined to test the Goat Milk Kefir please report on it. I am curious about that one, too. I love goat milk in cheese but never drank it.

Mango Kefir

Strawberrry Kefir

Simply the #1 Soap for Summertime: Trader Joe’s TEA TREE OIL SOAP



Yes I’ve praised this soap before in an earlier post.teatreesoap1  But I did not mention this.

While the rest of the year I keep a bar of  TJ’s HONEY OATMEAL SOAP in the shower, come  summertime, I swap that for TEA TREE OIL SOAP.

Trader Joe’s TEA TREE OIL SOAP  is absolutely the #1 Summertime soap. On a hot day there is nothing that cools me off and refreshes me like washing in cold water with this stuff.  It has a slightly astringent quality of course due to the tea tree oil. That’s what must make it feel so refreshing.

Now, the only  soap that feels even more refreshing than this stuff would be DR. BRONNER’S PEPPERMINT OIL SOAP, which Trader Joe’s does sell as well. But lets face it, that cost’s $10/bottle (Will make another post about this famous stuff, with all the crazy writing all over it)

From a listing on Amazon of ingredients for a bar of the Tree Tree Oil Soap ;

Very Basic, Natural Ingredients
Contains No Laurel / Laureth Sulfates
Cruelty Free – Never Tested on Animals; No Animal Products in Ingredients
Made In Connection With An Upscale Boutique
Comes in Double-Pack (Two 4 oz Bars Per Pack)
Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Sodium Chloride, Pentasodium Pentetate.

also saw this about tea tree oil soap in general:

Tea Tree Oil Soap Soothes the skin with its natural healing properties…

reduces bacteria and inflammation

acts as an antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal.

This would mean you won’t smell as much too!

Two Large Bars of this soap to a pack mean its $1 a bar; WOW! Thats a really good deal for this level of quality health and beauty product. Did you catch that “made in connection with an upscale boutique? in the text above” I bet whoever the original manufacturer really is (any ideas peeps?) they probably sell a bar for $3-4 each when it has their own fancy name on it. But when Trader Joe’s re-brands it under their own label, they can sell for much less (probably the fancy packaging makes it seem worth another $4?! )

Many women use TEA TREE OIL soap in the bathroom basically for the face but trust me, try it in summer in the shower if you haven’t already on the rest of you, too. Its refreshing and feels great and so clean. BUT NOTE: avoid getting it in your eyes (It can sting a bit)

Let me here what you think about this soap for Summer!