This makes a really good coleslaw. I made the recipe like the package describes for the most part with a little leeway, basically using way less than the “1 cup” of dressing than they suggest (a whole cup? no way). You don’t need all that much and can add a little vinegar if you need more liquid.

Yes it says “organic shredded broccoli stalks”. I promise you won’t even know it, these are not hard and stiff, the finished slaw will soften up and be like a regular cabbage slaw after it marinates for awhile.

COLESLAW RECIPE (my modified version): Put this bag of slaw in a bowl. Add one cored apple you grated up on a box grater (with skin), a handful of dried cranberries or golden raisins, add about an ounce or two of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (or juice of 1/2 lemon) and add just enough of your favorite dressing to lightly coat things (maybe a 1/4 cup? The package says a whole cup of dressing, that’s way too much) I used TJ’s Organic Ranch Dressing. Or you can just add some mayo. A sprinkle of DILL SEASONING will be nice in this. Stir it all together and let it sit for about 20 minutes prior to eating to blend and soften. The coleslaw can easily stay in the fridge for the next day. This is a very tasty and healthy side dish!

You can even sauté the veggies for a cooked dish.


NEW PRODUCT: Trader Joe’s DILL PICKLE MUSTARD. This is one of those Trader Joe’s products which once you try, you say to yourself “This is something I didn’t even know I needed but now that I know how good this is, I want this in my life from now on”. I saw this the other day in the NEW PRODUCTS section. Like so many Trader Joe items, you see it and are instantly curious to try it and see if it’s any good. Well guess what? TJ’s DILL PICKLE MUSTARD is really good. It tastes exactly what the name says it is, mustard with dill pickles. It’s a very good classic American yellow mustard with dill pickles in it and a lot of dill flavor. Hitting two good tastes combinations at the same time. If you like dill pickles you will probably love this as much as I did. I put it on a hot dog and it was so yummy. What if I put this on a cheese sandwich? What about on a melted cheese sandwich? I can even see mixing a little bit of this into mashed potatoes too…?

$1.99 (9 oz bottle) I would buy this again.