Trader Joe’s Washable Paper Placemats

Wait! Wha?!! Trader Joe’s sells place mats? Yeah, you read that right. These just recently appeared in the New Products “home goods” area at my TJ’s. Looking at them, they so totally say “IKEA” to me. These intrigued me that way, then reading the label, about how they’re made from “Supernatural Paper” (!) that really got me interested. Honestly I’m always intrigued that TJ’s has any home goods type things at all. They seem to especially appear around the holidays (I slightly regret not getting some olive wood bowls and cutting boards I saw last Xmas but they were a bit pricey even for TJ’s, but they looked beautiful and handmade). Anyway since we needed to replace some old placemats and these were just $10 bucks I got them in kind of an impulse buy. I picked a darkish color out of the 4-5 colors on offer as I thought this darker grey / green color would hide dirt better? They are OK, admittedly on bit the thin side, meaning when you pick up a glass that was on them you see a a little ring depression area where it was, but it brushes out easily by just swiping it with your fingers. They have kind of a faux leather texture. Feels a little like thick waxed paper? I think there are two pieces sown together. “MADE WITH SUPERNATURAL PAPER (cellulose and latex). Latex = rubber. “CAN BE WASHED”….As far as washing them, I have my doubts and will avoid that as long as possible. Washing machine? I don’t believe that at all. Personally I will just wipe them clean I think. I had a little stain from some food after using them so I just wiped the mat with a damp rag and a little soap and that took off the stain, as I hoped. So the rubbery, waxy covering seems to work. I don’t love them but I do kind of like them, at least as a change from a textile placemat. My wife complained about the white stitching they have on the edges but that doesn’t bother me at all, and kind of like it. They have a little bit of a bit funky feel going on…but in a good way. If you see them, check them out at least with a feel and see what you think. $10 for set of 4.

Is this the maker of “Supernatural Paper”?

Trader Joe’s Bags: Wrapping Paper!

My neighbor sent me this photo. I think its a great idea, not to mention being very Green! Recycling a Trader Joe’s shopping bag as Xmas wrapping paper!