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FALL 2020 update – Note that the Irish Tea package has changed. This is what it now looks like (blue sky, green grass, bicycle drawing). They also changed from foil packs inside (lovely) to plastic wrapped packs (meh!). Most people, as well as yours truly preferred the foil packs for freshness. Oh well. Some report the tea’s blend changed. At least still 8 oz with 80 teabags. For comparison Whole Foods sells their Black Tea in a package of which is 70 teabags with a listed weight of 4.9 oz. Wow, thats a lot less tea for your money! So at least TJ has kept the amount of tea the same, and gives you more tea, which of course makes for a stronger cup.



If you enjoy a nice “cuppa” like I do, you’ll likely enjoy TJ’s IRISH BREAKFAST TEA.

Trader Joe’s ORIGINAL IRISH BREAKFAST TEA BAGS is a newer incarnation of a previous version of Irish Tea they carried, then “revamped” a few years back. That previous Irish Tea packaging looked a bit different and tasted different too, according to the internet’s tea aficianados. This new version is an improved, better version, also according to them. Its has more flavor and is a stronger blend, which is what you definitely want in a cup of “Irish Tea” as Irish tea should be strong enough to stand up to milk and sugar, the way most people probably drink it there, as well as in the UK. And the way I takes me tea, as well!

TJ’s gave the box a new design too,  and the tea which was in a square bag, now comes in a round bag (tables with no string). Inside the box are 2 foil-wrapped packages with 40 tea bags each, which is great way to sell tea as the foil wrapper keeps 1/2 the tea totally fresh and airtight until you need to open the second package. When you rip open the foil pack you will smell the tea easily, its got a very nice earthy (boggy?) deep tea aroma. To me this is what good tea should smell like. I won’t be a snob and say no one should use a tea bag, let’s face it they are mighty convienient (yes on occasion, I will make a pot with loose tea).

According to the info on the box, TJ’s IRISH BREAKFAST tea comes from 5 countries: India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malawi, and Kenya. A box is 80 teabags has a Net Wt. of 8 ounces which basically means each tea bag contains a nice decent amount of tea, enough to make a strong “cuppa”. When you see cheap tea that has 100 tea bags and says “6 oz” you already know that means there’s simply not enough tea in each bag to make a strong cup of tea. Lipton comes as 8 oz of tea in 100 bags, so obviously each has less tea and won’t brew up as strong as this stuff. This is a black tea and properly steeped (4-5 minutes) the tea gives you a nice very strong, dark “cuppa” with a deep reddish color. It is strong enough to stand up to milk and sugar, or not, as you like! The box with 80 tea bags sells for $2.99 (or $6/lb) which is a good deal even compared to TJ’s ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA (which comes in a box of 48 bags for $2.99)

As the box says, “The Irish love their tea”. Some of us Yanks do too and we can easily enjoy this brand of tea easily and affordably from TJ’s to make our daily “cuppa”.


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  1. Nina
    May 30, 2019 @ 08:25:37

    Did like Irish breakfast tea at all, smell, taste, and even worse… it stained my teeth! switched back to Bigelow.



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  4. darrellparnold
    Jul 20, 2020 @ 14:30:41

    Many tea bags are not compostable. Are the tea bags from this Irish tea compostable?



  5. Ruth Dixon
    Jul 24, 2020 @ 12:45:50

    It is the best and I know my Irish Breakfast tea. (PS for those who don’t know, it’s supposed to be strong) I live in Canada and when I go to the States I seek out Trader Joe’s and bring back at least 10 boxes!!!! The price is great especially when you compare it to the “competition”. Please please please alway keep carrying it.



  6. Margaret
    Nov 07, 2020 @ 07:13:33

    They have changed the packaging again! And maybe the blend—I am sad to say it does not taste as strong and malty. The new package is light blue on top and green on the bottom and has a man on a bicycle “Original Irish Breakfast Black Tea” 80 tea bags. Same round bags and the same “new” cellophane-type interior bags (the old foil bags were lovely).

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  7. deb ludwig
    Mar 23, 2021 @ 11:56:12

    I prefer the foil bags, pleased still 8 oz, but I believe the blend is different, again. I do not like this blend, too bland, and I am looking for a new source for tea.



  8. Barbara Boland
    Jun 26, 2021 @ 17:11:10

    Still prefer the foil bags. This new blend is not as strong and malty as referenced by previous writers. Was this a cost factor or new vendor? Please go back to the old blends for the Irish Breakfast Tea. Also the paper wrappings and string are cumbersome. Very disappointed and will probably go back to loose tea that I buy at Mom’s.



  9. Wayne
    Oct 20, 2021 @ 07:12:42

    I’ve enjoyed Trader Joe’s 4 years and they definitely carry the best products, I would simply ask they’re cautious with their Irish tea expiration dates the last box of tea were so dry it took twice the amount of tea and even has a different feel of dryness and is missing that deep robust flavor that’s love to come from Trader Joe’s tea



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