“A zesty dip with hearty black beans and the smokey kick of chipotle peppers”

Trader Joe’s CHIPOTLE BLACK BEAN DIP is delicious, and I think one of their best products. I buy it all the time, and always have one the panty. Matches especially well with tortillas, chips and especially with TJ’s Organic Corn Chip Dippers. It has a spicy and smokey back beat from two kinds of chiles, ancho and chipotle chile peppers which also gives it a bit of mild/medium heat. This black bean dip is great on its own but also excellent as an ingredient. When I make quesadillas or tacos, I either spread a little on the tortilla before cooking them, or just serve some on top, or on the side. Naturally as dips go, this is way healthier to put out for people as opposed to dips which have lots of fat and calories like a sour cream or cheese dip. You can even mix a jar of this with a half can of the refried black beans which will make a nice side dish or a less spicy but still tasty dip, depending on the ratio. If you find the dip too thick, just mix in a tablespoon or so of water (or lime juice) to thin it out.

Terrific product! A jar is $1.99 (12 oz). Match these up with TJ’s excellent organic CORN CHIP DIPPERS

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