“A zesty dip with hearty black beans and the smokey kick of chipotle peppers”


(For the archive…..)

Trader Joe’s CHIPOTLE BLACK BEAN DIP is delicious. I think this could even be one of their best products. It’s one of my favorites in any case and I try to always have a jar in the panty… It’s that good. It matches especially well with tortillas, or any of TJ’s excellent chips especially corn. It matches perfectly with TJ’s Organic Corn Chip Dippers. The Chipotle Bean Dip gets a spicy back beat from two kinds of chiles, chipotle and ancho chiles, which give this a slightly spicy heat level plus a tomato-y undercurrent. This dip is terrific as-is on its own but it’s also good as an ingredient. When I make quesadillas or tacos, I sometimes spread a little of this on the tortilla before cooking them or just serve some on top or on the side when I plate them. Naturally this is way healthier dip to put out for people compared to dips which have loads of calories / fat like a sour cream or cheese based dip. You can even mix a jar of this with a half can of the refried black beans which will make a nice side dish or a less spicy but still tasty dip, depending on the ratio. If you find this dip too thick, just mix in a teaspoon or so of lime juice, vinegar or water and thin it out to your liking. A jar of the BLACK BEAN DIP is $1.99 for 12 oz.

You have to try this dip with TJ’s terrific Organic CORN CHIP DIPPERS (or the Elote cousins) as the thick corn chips with this is a super combination. And AVOCADO of course! TIP – Gussy this up with cheese? Sure. Heat this up and top with grated cheese so it melts. Yum!

INGREDIENTS include: Water, black beans, bean flakes, onion, tomato paste, sugar, sea salt, chipotle chile pepper, ancho chiles, garlic, malic and citric acid, vinegar, spices, smoke flavor ….


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  4. KIRK
    Mar 02, 2022 @ 04:36:36

    I just learned at a Charlotte NC Trade Joe’s, that their Chipotle Black Bean Dip has been discontinued.
    Another sad pairing day for the Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.



  5. Julie Johnson
    Apr 14, 2022 @ 16:30:10

    Why why why on earth!!!??????



  6. Rita
    Apr 23, 2022 @ 23:04:37

    Come on TJ!!!! Everybody likes this, I have been eating it every morning for breakfast for 5 years. On original flavored triscuits. why why why??? There is so many other things that SHOULD be discontinued. LIke your awful produce!!!



  7. Heartbroken
    Apr 26, 2022 @ 17:32:42

    I am heartbroken. I only bought one jar before it was discontinued.



  8. Amy
    Nov 14, 2022 @ 15:22:49

    OMG – no way, I have been eating this for 15 + years. why? Please please bring it back!!!!!



  9. Liz Myers
    May 07, 2023 @ 13:01:36

    so sad, this was my favorite too!

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