Trader Joe’s as you know carries a whole bunch of condiments and sauces, many being outstanding. It has quite a few hot sauces, most of which are VERY good. TJ’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce is one of my favorite Trader Joe’s items, along with Bomba and Peri-Peri and of course ZHOUG).

Now I would easily say Trader Joe’s GREEN DRAGON is a fantastic hot sauce and if you Google it, you’ll find it has many, many fans. GREEN DRAGON has far more fans than the TJ’s Sriracha (which while not bad is nowhere the equal of the original classic Huy Fong Sriracha {red rooster label) IMHO.

Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce‘s ingredients include: jalapeño, tomatillo, garlic, cilantro, vinegar, garlic, lime juice and habanero. It is spicy of course but not blow the roof of your mouth off spicy. This stuff has a lot of lovely flavors going on, it’s not simply “hot”With the above ingredients naturally Green Dragon can be viewed as a type of classic Mexican/South American style salsa. But it works with all kinds of cuisines and foods in particular I find Asian or Asian style food. When I’m making many Chinese or other Asian dishes I tend to use Green Dragon a good deal. Its very floral as it is made from fresh green chiles, herbs and aromatics. Used judiciously this sauce adds flavor to all kinds of dishes with a hint of spiciness. A few drops can go a long way in the flavor department, so you can use it a bit sparingly (unless you love heat, in which case use more of course!) For example a splash of this when you are making eggs, either in scrambled eggs, or on top of fried eggs… It’s great with egg dishes. I even put a few drops on something “boring” like cottage cheese (no really, try this combo on a toasted bagel – or on crackers which I have above) Cottage cheese with some GDS is boring no more. Toast up a bagel, top with cottage cheese, dot with Green Dragon; Thats one yummy breakfast. AVOCADO TOAST? YES! See below for a mini-recipe.

I just put some GDS in a lentil soup I had made and found it was perfect for that too, it added just that little bit of something extra that the soup needed. It is easy and fun to experiment with Green Dragon. Once you start trying it on different things, you will also discover, “umm, that works with this too”. Green Dragon sauce is one of my “always got to have in the fridge” TJ items! I never am without it and I keeps one in the pantry too, as I never want to come up empty. It’s a steal for $3.29 a bottle (18 ounces). In another Gourmet type store, something like this would be six bucks no doubt.

Avocado Toast: mash a ripe avocado up with salt, pepper, a splash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice then add Green Dragon to taste. Spread the avocado mixture on lightly buttered sourdough toast, a sliced brioche, a bagel, or any of your favorite toast. This is really yummy. Side note – add some into your guacamole, of course that’s also a fantastic match).


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  1. Natasha
    Jan 16, 2020 @ 16:22:08

    I just got it based on your review. I like it, best spicy sauce I tried from them so far ! Thank you

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  2. Mark Moore
    Nov 14, 2020 @ 23:12:44

    I go to the TJ’s on Columbus Avenue on the UWS. Green Dragon Sauce is great on broiled Trader Joe’s salmon.

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    • promacnyc
      Nov 15, 2020 @ 12:46:47

      Thanks Mark. Yes, G.D. is wonderful with fish. Also chicken. Also Tofu…. almost anything you can name! It adds a nice something to so many things.



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  12. Jenny Bruseaux
    Feb 08, 2022 @ 13:44:03

    Thanks for the rec! This sauce is amazing, simply the best green hot sauce on the market. My girlfriend and I use this at any opportunity we can: breakfast, lunch, and especially dinner!!!



  13. Lena L
    Mar 09, 2022 @ 00:38:02

    How cilantro-tasting is this sauce? Everything that evil weed touches as fresh tastes like blergh, but maybe the act of being bottled has made the taste go away?



    • promacnyc
      Mar 11, 2022 @ 20:04:36

      Cilantro is not predominant, but I love the taste of cilantro which is a love it or hate it thing, I know. You can see on the label its not the main ingredient, it has more tomatillo, jalapeno, vinegar and sugar before it lists cilantro, and yes, cooking cilantro does change and likely mellow its flavor. You know I’d say at least try Green Dragon because not only is this some peoples favorite “green sriracha” hot sauce out there, at the very worst if you really don’t like it, just could bring it back and ask for a refund. How incredible is TJ being I think the ONLY store that offers refunds if you don’t like something. Even without a receipt! Thats amazing, right?



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