TJ’s Channa Masala (frozen)

Trader Joe’s Channa Masala (cooked chick peas with onions, tomato and spices)

TJ’s of course has quite a number of good frozen and non-frozen Indian foods, many worth exploring. I find this is one of TJ’s best frozen offerings. Their “Channa Masala” (spice chick peas) is really good; almost equal in taste to many Indian restaurants. Vegetarian of course. Well spiced, tasty, can be nuked or what I do is let it defrost on the counter for a few hours and put it in a pan. It’s a steal at $1.99. Serve this with Basmati Rice and some Naan and you have a meal for 2. Especially if you eat with TJ’s excellent Mango Chutney and some yogurt.

PS – no one says you can’t add something. I often add another ; like chopped swiss chard or spinach and another pat of butter, cooked for 5 minutes. this variation with some added greens is excellent.

$1.99 (10 oz package)

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