TJ’s Roasted Whole Golden Flax Seeds

(UPDATE: Since posting this, unfortunately TJ’s DISCONTINUED this product. They replaced it with ground flax seed meal – Bummer!)

plus, someone recommended these:

Trader Joe’s Roasted Golden Flax Seeds (whole seeds) – “Naturally rich in Omega-3, Lignans and Dietary Fiber”

You may know that flax seeds are probably one of the healthiest things you can eat. We’re talking Super Food healthy ! For one thing flax seeds are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids and are high in protein and fiber. Heart health: studies have shown just by eating 2 tablespoons of flax seeds a day, they can lower blood pressure 10-20 points. Personally every day I eat 2 spoons of flax seeds, which I grind up and mix with yogurt and/or soy milk in my breakfast cereal. I add some chia seeds to boot! You can also put theses in your smoothies.

Up to now I bought flax seeds (raw) in Bulk at a health food store. Then I saw these Roasted Flax Seeds at Trader Joe’s. After trying them I decided these are better tasting than the other ones. Why? Roasting them definitely improves the flavor of flax seeds making them more nutier tasting and crunchier.

You can either eat them whole or grind them up (coffee grinder or morter and pestle). You can sprinkle flax seeds on your morning cereal, put them into baked goods and sneak them into foods like baked goods as well as add them to your smoothies.

$2.99 / 15 oz bag

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  1. Diana
    Jun 02, 2022 @ 12:21:21

    I have been munching through 2 Tbl of these with a little sea salt every day for almost a year. All my number got better. I made the trek to tj’s every other month to get my stash. Went there yesterday 6/1./2022…. No trace of them on the shelf… Just ground. Staff confirmed they had DISCONTINUED them. Ah bummer. Amazon has a few at almost triple the price. Anyone know how to mimic their toasting process?



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  3. Lily
    Jun 27, 2022 @ 11:31:11

    Wow, I can’t believe these have been discontinued. I’ve been searching for them for the past month at my local TJ’s to no avail. Does anyone know of a comparable brand that we can use as a substitute? I really hope they bring this product back. It’s so good!



    • Shimon Adimor
      Jul 12, 2022 @ 21:27:03

      Same here
      They do it all the time for products I like and buy frequently.
      Not really sure what they gain as customers will start shopping elsewhere.
      Bad decision TJ’s !!!!



  4. lori442
    Aug 16, 2022 @ 16:19:17

    I love these flax seeds, I am so bummed they discontinued!!!! It’s all about the toasting of the seeds. Please bring them back!



  5. JW
    Aug 31, 2022 @ 13:39:38

    I too was a TJ flaxseed fan, I have tried 3 different brands trying to get that same nutty taste and finally found one on Amazon – CanMar Golden Roasted Whole Flaxseed. I bought one bag at the end of June to try and now went on to order more and they are currently not available!!! It is a company based out of Canada – so I will try to buy direct.



  6. ann lane
    Sep 04, 2022 @ 15:11:53

    I too loved TJ’s golden roasted whole flaxseeds and cannot find any others I liked as much. So very sorry TG has discontinued them. Hope they bring them back.



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