Trader Joe’s Swiss MUESLI Breakfast Cereal

I have feeling this is probably the healthiest cereal you can buy at Trader Joe’s.

MUESLI is a blend of whole grain oats, seeds, fruit and nuts and has no added sugars. Invented by a doctor in Switzerland over a hundred years ago, this is a Swiss classic breakfast cereal. I bet Roger Federer grew up eating Muesli. Look how far it got him!

Ingredients: Whole grain rolled oats, sunflower seeds, raisins, rice crisps, pumpkins seeds, coconut, dried apple, sliced almonds

This is obviously healthy stuff that even a horse would love. Trader Joe’s version of Muesli is good. One caveat though. If you just pour it into a bowl, add milk, and eat it immediately you may not like it. Unless you are a horse or you don’t mind giving your jaws a work out. So want to let this soften up a bit, meaning let the rolled oats soften up sitting in milk for at least 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Milk meaning of course your choice of real milk or other milk and/or yogurt or kefir). The longer it sits, the softer the oats get. Actually I really enjoy Muesli when I mix some up the night before for “overnight oats” . That way in the morning it’s nice and thick and soft. Making “Overnight oats” is easy. Just put some muesli (or rolled oats) in a container, add liquid and let it sit in the fridge. I do Kefir and almond or soy milk and yogurt. If you find “overnight oats” too mushy for your tastes, just fix up your Muesli and give it a 10 minute soak. I typically add some fresh fruit (banana, apple, dried fruit, berries…) and a bit of something crunchy on top like TJ’s Grainless Granola .

This is a good healthy breakfast, that will keep you (or your horse) going all day.

A 16 oz bag is about $4. Worth trying.