Trader Joe’s British Style CRUMPETS

You can not get more British than these.

Did you even know that Trader Joe’s sells these “British Style Crumpets”? Well if you never noticed them until now, look for them near TJ’s English Muffins. If you have never tried CRUMPETS before, you may well want to try these now to get your full Brit on. Crumpets happen to be quite delicious, also being a bit different from English Muffins Crumpets are soft and FULL of hundreds of holes, kind of like pancakes. The unique texture and hole structure makes them FANTASTIC at absorbing melted butter, and jam, into all those glorious holes. That is what makes them so scrumptious. Toast these up gently, until slightly golden brown, and then top with good French or Kiwi butter and your favorite jam (or marmalade). They are both a bit soft and a bit crunchy, a fantastic combo. TJ’s crumpets are about $3.29 for a pack of six that come in two sealed plastic compartments. Personally I cut the package in two and freeze one for later.