Trader Joe’s High-Oleic Organic Sunflower Oil

I normally use a good deal of olive oil for cooking. However there are times when you want, or a recipe specifies, to use a “neutral flavored oil”. Meaning you shouldnt use olive oil which has a distinct flavor. In this case the oil I use is this TJ’s Organic Sunflower Oil. It’s a very good neutral vegetable oil, in fact, it’s a fine all-around cooking oil. Basically whenever I am not using olive oil, I’m using this sunflower oil. For example it’s what I use when I am making a Chinese or other Asian dish which always specify a “neutral” vegetable oil that won’t affect the other flavors in the dish. Plus Sunflower Oil is good for high heat, good for Wok cooking. I had to look up “high-oleic”. But this sunflower oil is High Oleic means its quite healthy too, maybe even more than olive oil. And this oil is ORGANIC. TJ’s Organic Sunflower Oil is quite reasonable at $3.99 for a 33.8 oz bottle, which is of course far less than olive oil. So you probably want this as your “other” oil, like me. I would buy this again.

UPDATE: (Jun. 2022) Product seems to be M.I.A. Possibly either a supply chain issue and hopefully not discontinued.


TJ’s Organic Coconut & Avocado Oil Blend (vegan ghee)

Popular in Indian cuisine “Ghee” is butter that has slowly cooked to separate its milk solids from the fat so it doesn’t burn when cooking and can stay unrefrigerated. This is a Vegan “ghee” a blend of coconut and avocado oil. Now I’m not vegan myself, but just wanted to check out this product. It’s OK to cook with, neutral in taste. I think I would just prefer regular Coconut Oil which does impart a little coconut flavor. But if you are vegan this might be an option.


$4.99 (8 oz jar)