Unfortunately Trader Joe’s recently seems to have discontinued their Whole Roasted Flax Seeds and replaced it with this Flax seed meal, already ground. Bummer for me. I way preferred whole flax seeds to this. However if this is the only choice, then I will get this, as in no choise. Now I have a second coffee grinder just for grinding up seeds and spices. I (used to) ground the whole flax seeds just before using! Oh well! I may go back to buying whole flax seeds elsewhere (Whole Foods?) however for the time being, I have these. I’ll use them for mixing into my TJ’s Kefir, and making smoothies and other stuff. So yes good for Smoothies of course or adding into baked goods or pancakes. I even found these in a little section at TJ’s called “Smoothies” with things people make them with together. Keep this in the fridge after opening.